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Jan 24 13 11:38 PM

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Just saw this right now... What do you guys think of it?
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#1 post_url

Jan 25 13 10:40 PM

For people that do not know here is the conspiracy!! Just the bigger points and not the full picture.
-This trailer first debuted at Spikes VGAs in December.
-The Phantom Pain comes from Moby Dick Studio. It apparently popped up overnight because no one can't seem to find much information on it.

Information that was found: The name of Moby Dick's founder is Joakim Mogren. Rearrange the first name and you get KOJIMA.
The last name has the word "Orge" in it, a codename for Kojima's next project.
Also members of Kojima's team was seen wearing Moby Dick Studio t-shirts at the VGAs.

There's a lot of images that make people think it's the MGS world. The Psycho Mantis, Volgin, petals, and the mullet.
When the title The Phantom Pain pops up @2:48, you should see faint lines over the lettering. If you mess with the contrast setting on your screen, the words
METAL GEAR SOLID V appears. I have not been able to make that happen but people say they can see it clearly.

When Kojima was questioned about it in two different interviews, he says

Phantom Pain is being made by Moby Dick studios , I do not have any part in that game. I saw the resemblance there though.


Finally, have you seen the new Phantom Pain trailer?

[Laughs] Yes, yes I have. I really liked it.

So did we. Would you like to say something about it?

It was very visually appealing. The lighting was very good.

The trailer also looks familiar, especially the character, his mullet…we have seen him somewhere before…

[Kojima’s translator pitches in] Snake?


Kojima: Oh! [laughs] It might have been an inspiration…

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