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Jan 5 13 11:52 PM

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07/05 S Cawaii
08/01 Popteen
08/07 Majesty Japan
08/12 bea's UP
08/28 Numero TOKYO
09/26 Harper's Bazaar Hong Kong
10/23 ViVi
12/09 Majesty Japan
12/17 Popteen

TV Appearances:
04/08 SMAPxSMAP (Bistro)
07/31 FNS Summer Festival
10/06 a-nation 2013 stadium fes. Broadcast by WOWOW
12/25 TV Asahi Dream Festival 2013
12/31 Kouhaku

Upcoming Releases:
'ayu' photobook and LIFE STYLE BOOK pt.2 in November/December!
New single 'Feel the love/Merry-go-round' out 12.25!

Name: 浜崎あゆみ, 浜崎 歩, Hamasaki Ayumi
Nickname(s): Ayu, あゆ, Chon-chan, CREA
Ex-Spouse: Manuel Schwarz on January 1st, 2011 in Las Vegas
Birthdate: October 2nd, 1978
Birthplace: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Blood Type: A
Height: 156cm / 5'1"
Weight: 40kg
Respected People: Those who have things she does not have
Least Respected People: People who lie to others, people who do not greet others
Pets: 7 dogs (CREA (deceased), Choco, Pino, Papico, Marron, and two others.)

From Wikipedia:
Ayumi Hamasaki is a Japanese singer-songwriter and former actress. Also called Ayu by her fans, Hamasaki has been dubbed the "Empress of Pop" because of her popularity and widespread influence in Japan. Born and raised in Fukuoka, she moved to Tokyo at fourteen to pursue a career in entertainment. In 1998, under the tutelage of Avex CEO Max Matsuura, she released a string of modestly selling singles that concluded with her 1999 debut album A Song for ××. The album debuted atop the Oricon charts and stayed there for four weeks, establishing her popularity in Japan.
Hamasaki's constantly changing image and tight control over her artistry has helped her popularity extend across Asia; music and fashion trends she has started have spread to countries such as China, Singapore, and Taiwan. She has appeared in or lent her songs to many advertisements and television commercials. Though she originally supported the exploitation of her popularity for commercial purposes, she later reconsidered and eventually opposed her status as an Avex "product".
Since her 1998 debut with the single "Poker Face", Hamasaki has sold over 50 million records in Japan, making her the best selling solo singer in Japanese history and ranking her among the best-selling singers in the country. As a female singer, Hamasaki holds several domestic records for her singles, such as the most number-one hits overall by a female artist, the most consecutive number-one hits (also by a female artist), the highest sales, and the most million-sellers. Since 1999, Hamasaki has had at least one single each year top the charts. Hamasaki is the first female singer to have eight studio albums since her debut to top the Oricon and the first artist to have a number-one album for 12 consecutive years since her debut.

Check out Ayumi Hamasaki's entire discography at Wikipedia.

Rock'n'Roll Blog (ARCHIVE)

Mikajohn (her "mama") -
Kome (her audio director) -
Koji Morimoto (one of her main mixers) -
Mr. Kaz (head of TeamAyu) -
Mannie Schwarz (Ayu's ex-husband) -
Stanley 'Izumi' Kim (Ayu's friend and location scout) -
Mariko Hamasaki (Ayu's mom) -
Sou Nagashima (Ayu's trainer) -
Jun Kamitoku (Ayu's manager) -
Ryohei Chiba (CSO of avex) -
Endo "Jackie" Hideki (a CEO of avex?)
Takashi (another manager of Ayu's) -
Minazou (Ayu's nailist and manager) -


CMJK (arranger and composer) -
Yuta Nakano (arranger and composer) -
Kazuhito Kikuchi (arranger and composer) -
Tetsuya Komuro (arranger and composer) -
tasuku (arranger and composer) -
Miwako 'PECO' Hamada (chorus) -
Kaoru Abe (keyboardist) -
Tom Tamada (drummer) -
Shingo Kobayashi (keyboardist and music director) -
Yusuke Miyazaki (keyboardist) -
Yasuhiko Hoshino (composer) -
Akimitsu Homma (classical arranger) -
Kunio Tago (composer) -
Keiji Tanabe (composer) -
Manaho Mori (vocal coach) -
Tim Wellard (composer/dancers/chorus) -

AYU'S VISUAL STAFF (videos, photos, etc.)
Masashi Muto (PV director) -
Luis 'Ishii' Hernandez (PV director and location scout) -
Kiyoshi 'Mizumo' Utsumi (General video director for all videos) -
Leslie Kee (photographer) -
Masaru "Tacky & Ricky" Takigami (concert video director) -
Keita Haginiwa (photographer) -

Akira Noda (Ayu's fashion designer) -
Mika 'Mikajohn' Noguchi (Ayu's "mama") -
Sou Nagashima (Ayu's trainer) -
Masato 'max' Matsuura (CEO of avex, Ayu's producer) -
Keizo Kuroda (Ayu's former makeup/hairstylist) -
Kanako 'Bancho' Miura (Ayu's former nailist and double) -
Mariko Hamasaki (Ayu's mom) -
Finemake (Ayu's... eyebrowist...) -
DECOCHAN-SALLY (Ayu's deco staff aka sparkly crystals) -

Yuta Nakano (arranger and composer) -
CMJK (arranger and composer) -
Kazuhito Kikuchi (arranger and composer) -
Kunio Tago (composer) -
Yoshio 'Yocchan' Nomura (guitarist) - 
ENRIQUE (bassist) -
Shingo Kobayashi (music director) -
Miwako 'PECO' Hamada (chorus) -
Yusuke Miyazaki (keyboardist) -

KAYANOCCHI - / (her official site)
2-YAN -
SUKE3 (clown/performer) -
SYU (clown/performer) -

Leslie Kee/SUPER SONIC -


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#1 post_url

Jun 29 15 3:11 PM

A new start! Recap.
07/01: "Step by step" digital single released and will contain "July 1st" as well in high-resolution.
08/05: Mini-album called "sixxxxxx", contains "Sayonara feat. SpeXial" (produced by DAISHI DANCE) and "Step by step" for a total of 5(?) songs.. Supposed to be a collection of uplifting songs.
08/09: WOWOW broadcast of "Cirque de Minuit - The FINAL". It will show the 07/05 performance.

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Posts: 259 Japan doesn't care, but I do! 

#2 post_url

Jun 30 15 12:42 AM

I was wondering why the last page option just won't load!!! Lol turns out they deleted it for a new start.

I remember someone went to the concert, was there any report about the Sayonara pv?

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#4 post_url

Jun 30 15 3:47 PM

Huh, there's something about "Step by step" that's really getting to me (nostalgia/bad taste maybe?). It really fits my current mood. I love it. It reminds me of "NEXT LEVEL" blended with everything else.

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#6 post_url

Jul 1 15 4:34 AM

gracie wrote:
the production is terrible, the melody is awful, the instrumental is dated as fuck.

It's pretty okay.

LMAO, I can't xD

Gonna wait for the full release probably.

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#7 post_url

Jul 1 15 7:04 AM

Can someone please make a gif of Ayu falling off the couch and hitting her head in Step by step? Hahahahaha


@ 17 sec

Maybe caption it "while listening to her new music" =P

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#9 post_url

Jul 1 15 10:05 AM

The ending is very beautiful but I could do without the 2 minutes of girls pulling on a wire around their ankle while acting like they're being murdered hahaha

The song is nice and catchy but again it's nothing interesting or new.
Putting it next to July 1st on the single just makes you realize how much better and more unique her old music was! Weird marketing choice.

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#10 post_url

Jul 1 15 4:21 PM

Ayu servin' Miliyah teas with that generic japanese woman in stress PV

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Posts: 259 Japan doesn't care, but I do! 

#13 post_url

Jul 4 15 4:01 AM

roger wrote:
How come no one have shared information regarding Sayonara music video/song?

We did. But the thread was cleaned up.

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#14 post_url

Jul 4 15 6:37 AM

gracie wrote:
the production is terrible, the melody is awful, the instrumental is dated as fuck.

And I've been listening to it non-stop for the last few days. It's something only Ayu can do.
She's like the wizard of bad pop songs that are super-catchy. smiley: laugh

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#15 post_url

Jul 6 15 9:18 AM

With the TA tour coming up, I hope the smaller venue will make it easier for her to perform outside of Japan! I like that she's finally doing it.

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#20 post_url

Jul 9 15 4:40 AM

fishlipssssss ... ?

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