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Dec 18 13 6:02 PM

2D wrote:
Hi everyone~

January: SISTAR19 / Gone Not Around Any Longer (2nd: Kim Sori / Dual Life)
February: Rainbow / Tell Me Tell Me
March: Girl's Day / Expectation
April: YooJiAe / Delight (2nd: PSY / Gentleman)
May: CL / The Baddest Female
June: Crayon Pop / Bar Bar Bar (2nd: SISTAR / Give It To Me)
July:  Lee Jung Hyun / V
August: Sunmi / 24 Hours Aren't Enough
September: Ladies' Code / Pretty Pretty
October: IU / The Red Shoes
November: Hyorin / Lonely

updated with november. hyorin's lonely.
 watching this list i can see that now some songs that i liked it now are kinda meh (CL or PSY lol) and also that im still listening others super usually

I know my best kpop 2013 song since some months lol i still listen to it everyday literally. it's LEE JUNG HYUN's V! aaah so perfect ♥ ♥ ♥ 

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Posts: 2,670 Mohtorboat

#122 post_url

Dec 31 13 9:34 PM

Moh wrote:
January: GLAM - I Like That (runner-up: Phantom - Like Cho Young Pil)
February: Gaeko - Rhythm is life (Feelin' so good) (runner-up: SHINee - Dream Girl)
March: LADIES' CODE - Bad Girl (runner-up: Lee Hi - Rose)
April: Zion.T - Babay (feat. Gaeko) (runner-up: HISTORY - Dreamer)
May: Double K - Rewind (feat. Michelle Lee) (runner-up: Z.Hera - Peacock)
June: Roy Kim - Love Love Love (runner-up: Sunny Hill - Darling of All Hearts)
July: Dynamic Duo - BAAAM (feat. Muzie of UV) (runner-up: Ailee - U&I)
August: Sunmi - 24 Hours Aren't Enough (runner-up: Lim Kim - Rain)
September: LADIES' CODE - Pretty Pretty (runner-up: KARA - Damaged Lady)
October: IU - The Red Shoes (runner-up: 9MUSES - GUN)
November: Phantom - NEW ERA (feat. Navi) (runner-up: The BOSS - Why Goodbye)
December: 9MUSES - Glue (runner-up: Zion.T - Miss Kim)

If it had a video/promotion, Beenzino's latest song would've been runner-up. But nope, can't put it up there.

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