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Aug 21 13 3:31 AM

AKB48 Graduate Maeda Atsuko upcoming 3rd single release "Time Machine Nante Iranai" 9/18

She is still under Be Cool! (King Records). The same as AKB48 franchise.

With her on the radar so much, it's hard to say what position she is with AKB48.

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Aug 29 13 11:13 PM

AKB next single to be released on 30 Oct.

Though not officially confirmed, it should be safe to predict it's another cool/dark single. This theme somehow always make me feel that I have a good chance to like it, but yet from past experiences, the only song that I'm truly able to put it into my playlist is Kaze wa Fuiteiru. Regardless, looking forward to it.

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Aug 29 13 11:23 PM

Looking forward to the cool single. The singles this year have tended to grow on me as time went on, but I'm expecting to be wowed from the get-go this time around.
Hoping for something more upbeat and hard-hitting this time around since the other singles this year have been more on the mellow side (in comparison to their previous counterparts anyway).

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Sep 1 13 5:10 AM

^ If it's boring, then stop listening. I don't force myself to like or even listen to songs like UZA / Beginner just because many ppl say it's good.

If you think it's potentially good, but seem to lack something, try adjusting the equalizer of your player and listen it again through headphone. Having the wrong equalizer for certain songs can potentially cause a top song to be one of the worst.
If it's simply not your type of song, then don't bother, it won't change anything.


uncle Jemima

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パン・ダ marinopp

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Sep 1 13 1:36 PM

lol i was half-kidding. that was my way of saying i find it very boring, and i'm definitely not going to force myself to like it, why would i do that when they have hundreds of other great songs like Stand up and Faint and Gingham Check (yeah, i went there).

Last Edited By: uncle Jemima Sep 1 13 1:46 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Sep 3 13 4:00 AM

KFC is okay. I just like the dancing cause it's easy.

I'm hyping about the next cool single. And who the two new senbatsu member girls will be.

My bets are Sae Miyazawa (SNH48) and Minami Minegishi (Team 4).

They might shove in Haruka Kodama if space allows but I really don't want a WMastui coming from each sister group.....

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Sep 3 13 5:14 AM

Koisuru Fortune Cookie is addicting, the song overall is not amazing but it easily stucks in your mind, also the dance is cute and easy to follow.

Can't wait for the October kakkoi single, I always loved those, RIVER, Beginner, Kaze ga Fuiteiru and UZA remain favourites in my list of AKB songs. What I wonder about is who will be the next center, or double center like UZA.


uncle Jemima

Posts: 4,001

パン・ダ marinopp

#593 post_url

Sep 3 13 7:41 PM

fushidara seems to be translated as loose, but when i translate fushidara na natsu on google translate it gives me "slut summer" which i thought was far-fetched but i read the lyrics and that's certainly what it seems like it's supposed to "slut summer" really that far off from the intended meaning?

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Sep 3 13 11:56 PM

Time to update my personal list! Basically songs not listed all failed to make it into my playlist. Some 'Good songs' failed too, but earned my recognition.

Top songs:
Heavy Rotation
Gingham Check

Great songs:
Everyday, Kachuusha
Yume no Kawa
Eien Pressure
Koisuru Fortune Cookie

Good songs:
Sakura no Hanabiratachi
Ponytail to Shushu
Flying Get
Kaze wa Fuiteiru
Ue kara Mariko
Sayonara Crawl
Ai no Imi wo Kangaete Mita

[Other units]
Top Songs:
(NMB48) Nagiichi
(Not yet) Hirihiri no Hana
(Watarirouka Hashiritai 7) Shounen yo Uso wo Tsuke!
(NO NAME) Kono Namida wo Kimi ni Sasagu

Great Songs:
(SKE48) Kataomoi Finally
(SKE48) Aishiteraburu!
(SKE48) Kisu Datte Hidarikiki
(SKE48) Utsukushii Inazuma
(HKT48) Melon Juice
(Not yet) Pera Pera Perao
(Watarirouka Hashiritai 7) Kibou Sanmyaku
(Nogizaka46) Girl's Rule

Good Songs:
(SKE48) Pareo wa Emerald
(NMB48) Kitagawa Kenji

(HKT48) Suki! Suki! Skip!
(Not yet) Naminori Kakigoori
(Not yet) Suika Baby
(No Sleeves) Kirigirisu Jin
(Sashihara Rino) Soredemo Suki da yo
(Maeda Atsuko) Kimi wa Boku da
(Kashiwagi Yuki) Shortcake
(Takahashi Minami) Jane Doe
(Nogizaka46) Guruguru Curtain
(Nogizaka46) Hashire! Bicycle
(Nogizaka46) Kimi no Na wa Kibou


PV preview for Not yet's Hirihiri no Hana revealed: 
Columbia finally gave them an official Youtube channel, but why so late? Will Not yet be active again? 
Anyways love this single and sub-unit, hope everyone stays in Not yet even after graduating from AKB.

Last Edited By: Shinnosuke Sep 27 13 4:12 PM. Edited 5 times.

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Sep 4 13 4:38 AM

Well in that point, No3b should be releasing another single since they have yet to have a official channel x_x

It's very obvious that French Kiss, WH7, DiVA wont be active anymore.

So we could see the possibilities of new sub-units / groups announcements. I think they totally got ideas with Haruka Shimazaki for that.

I'll get a list going soon after i'm enjoying myself with something personal hahaha

#596 post_url

Sep 4 13 8:15 AM

My favourite AKB48 songs :

2-Gingham Check
3-Sayonara Crawl
5-Kaze wa Fuiteiru
6-Ponytail to Shushu
7-Heavy Rotation
8-Everyday, Kachuusha
10-Sakura no Hanabiratachi

Last Edited By: Grifychan Sep 10 13 7:44 AM. Edited 1 time.

#597 post_url

Sep 4 13 10:05 AM

^ Very balanced list there! Are those numbers rankings, or just simply a list?

^^Speaking of No3b, I forgot to include Kirigirisu Jin =P

After listening to Hirihiri no Hana more, I'm gonna move it to top song. It's simply amazing. The dance is also 1 of the best I have seen. Nothing fancy, but simply eye pleasing.
They have also never received such amazing like:dislike ratio for the PV preview.

Last Edited By: Shinnosuke Sep 4 13 10:13 AM. Edited 1 time.

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Sep 10 13 2:51 AM

The music video of their 33rd "cool" single is currently filming.

It's supposed to be challenging dance routine harder than UZA. (Which is pretty up there) Do note that not all members actually learn the dances for these singles, typically the Senbatsu and UG.

Rumored senbatsu from Stage48, Fan Tweets, Google+.

TEAM A : Anna Iriyama, Rina Kawaei, Takahashi Minami, Yokoyama Yui, Mayu Watanabe,
TEAM K : Yuko Oshima
TEAM B : Kashiwagi Yuki, Kojima Haruna, Haruka Shimazaki,
TEAM 4 : Minami Minegishi

SKE48 : Matsui Rena, Matsui Jurina
NMB48: Sayaka Yamamoto, Miyuki Watanabe
HKT48 : Sashihara Rino , Oota Aika

IN: Anna Iriyama, Rina Kawaei, Minami Minegishi, Oota Aika
OUT: Mariko Shinoda, Itano Tomomi, Sae Miyazawa.

16 Members.


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Sep 15 13 9:26 PM

Hey guys, I decided I need to graduate from JPC forums indefinitely.

I'm going to focus on my spiritual journey at Church and continue what i'm doing at work. The forum has been quiet for a while but I hope things will turnaround. Right now I believe i'm transitioning at the point where I need to be focusing on myself in the real world around me. About to make many huge choices.

If anyone wants to continue the thread for AKB48 it's up for grabs but I cannot update it anymore.



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