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Nov 19 12 5:14 AM

Limited edition:¥1,600 (CD+DVD: A/B/C) -Regular edition:¥1,000 (CD only)


Others:Tower Records/Shinseido

No3b New Single Details 2013/1/16

I guess it's almost expected they'll release something in the new year...along with DiVA

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uncle Jemima

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パン・ダ marinopp

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Nov 20 12 10:37 AM

Is it just me or is disc 2 of 1830m better than disc 1? I'm only two tracks in but dang this is good.

edit: ok now that i've listened to the whole thing, i can say with confidence that disc 2 is much better than disc 1.

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Nov 20 12 11:42 AM

Watanabe Mayu solo mini-live at nicofarre on Friday, November 23 will be streamed on niconico Live.
Starts at 22:00 JST.

Program name: Mayuyu "Hikaru Mono-tachi" Special Stage ~Nama Housou Kara, Kaketsuke Mayuyu~
Date: Friday, November 23
Scheduled broadcast time: 22:00 to 22:30 JST

Nico program page:
Timeshift period: 1 week
You need an account to watch and you can use timeshift to watch it later.

[LIVE]: Watanabe Mayu
[DJ]: HachioujiP
[VJ]: WakamuraP

How to use timeshift on niconico:

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Nov 21 12 3:27 AM

uncle Jemima wrote:
Is it just me or is disc 2 of 1830m better than disc 1? I'm only two tracks in but dang this is good.

edit: ok now that i've listened to the whole thing, i can say with confidence that disc 2 is much better than disc 1.
disc 1 is just for those people who didn't buy the single. Which in this case a lot of people did lol.

Maeda solo ftw!

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Nov 21 12 4:21 AM

New SKE48 single to be released 1/30/2012.

They soon will be following AKB48's record of consecutive #1 singles made by a female group.

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Nov 23 12 6:31 PM

AKB48 has formed “OKL48” with comedic duo NINETY-NINE’s Okamura Takashi (42).

Okamura, dressed up as “OKALEMON“, a popular character from Fuji TV’s popular variety show “Mecha-Mecha Iketeru!“. He will serve as the center and 15 AKB48 members including Oshima Yuko(24) and Watanabe Mayu (18) will also dress up as lemons.  OKL48’s original song will be included as a coupling song in AKB48’s upcoming single “Eien Pressure”, which goes on sale on December 5th.

15 members who lost in AKB48’s 3rd Annual Janken Tournament that took place back in September were chosen to be part of the group.  They dressed in white tights and wore a mask and skirt to create the unique look of lemons.  Member Ichikawa Miori (18) who is known for her catch-phrase “I want to become a fresh lemon.”, was also chosen as a member of OKL48.

OKL48 will make their first appearance on the December 1st for a 2-hour special episode of the “Mecha-Mecha Iketeru!” (begins at 7 PM.) OKL48’s comical dance is definitely not to be missed.

Source and Image: Sponichi Annex

Tokyo Hive


uncle Jemima

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パン・ダ marinopp

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Nov 23 12 6:53 PM

lemon party?

anyway, after listening to the first disc of 1830m again today, i have to say it's still boring as the sahara desert with the exceptions of four of the singles and the Jung & Freud song. all the great songs are on disc 2 (Hate, Plastic Lips, iede no yoru, yasashisa no chizu). i think koko ni ita koto is the best though, love shoujotachi yo, boku ni dekiru koto, kimi to boku no kankei, High school days and three of the four singles.

i'm expanding so far into AKB territory, i've even downloaded their first stage album! smiley: smokin

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Nov 24 12 3:40 AM

Maeda Atsuko meets her idol Taylor Swift

On November 22nd, former AKB48 member Maeda Atsuko held a recording for ‘Maeda Atsuko no HEART SONGS‘ at TOKYO FM in Kojimachi, Tokyo.

During the recording, Maeda got to meet and interview her idol, singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. She declared her admiration for Taylor saying, “Within Japan, I love her the most.

Maeda met and exchanged greetings with Taylor about 2 years ago, but this was the first time where they actually got to sit down and talk. Nervous from beginning to end, Maeda completely forgot the material she had prepared beforehand. As such, she held the interview while receiving instructions from the director.

Maeda was overjoyed when they called each other by their nicknames “Tay” and “Acchan”. She even blurted out, “I love her so much, I can’t believe I’m talking to her,” while in the middle of the interview.

Learning that Maeda has parted from AKB48, Taylor encouraged her saying, “Good luck with your solo activities. I’ll be cheering you on.” After wrapping up the interview, Maeda said, ”It’s still like a dream. I don’t want her to go.

Maeda’s interview with Taylor will broadcast from November 26th to the 29th.


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Nov 25 12 8:36 PM

It was kind of awkward during the first two seeing her all alone, but it was cute. I actually really liked the solo song.

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Nov 27 12 2:41 AM

For those who haven't checked out the Kouhaku Uta Gassen thread.

AKB48 (+World48)

are confirmed as performers. This will be the debut year for SKE48 to perform outside the normal AKB48 routine.

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Nov 28 12 12:11 AM

whitedove wrote:
+World48. So that means NMB, HKT, JKT and SHN will be there too?

Probably so, I think their trying to have them start performing by December (AKB's anniversary or something)

SNH just released their first photo shoot feat thier Top 8 in SCawaii! :

Already liking XiaoYin, and ChenChen looks like lil Serina.

Last Edited By: deimos9 Nov 28 12 12:14 AM. Edited 1 time.


uncle Jemima

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パン・ダ marinopp

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Nov 28 12 12:13 AM

who is the girl in the front on the covers for type B of GIVE ME FIVE!?
it looks like it could be either Minegishi Minami or Takajo Aki...mostly like Minami.

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Nov 28 12 12:21 AM

^With her face resting on her hand right? Oshima Yuko.

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