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Jul 25 13 5:52 AM

Full version (radio):

Makes you the feel that the arrangement was rushed - all compositions simply put together without so much thoughts. Ok I admit I have higher than usual expectation for this one =D
Still awesome though; will categorize it as top song should my expectation lower a bit.

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Jul 25 13 10:26 AM

Do we have Koisuru Fortune Cookies translation lyrics?

Also... What does UZA name mean? I always wondered about that...

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Jul 25 13 2:20 PM

Kathia wrote:
Do we have Koisuru Fortune Cookies translation lyrics?

Also... What does UZA name mean? I always wondered about that...
You can also watch their music video on AKB48's Youtube Channel, they have subs provided in all the music videos.

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Jul 29 13 2:31 AM

Shinnosuke wrote:
^ UZA means disturbing/annoying.


Got it, I guess short for uzai,  I was wondering what that meant too.  My Japanese ranges between non-existent and terrible.

I picked River as my AKB48 song to learn all the lyrics to.  It's actually a cool little "get out there & conquer the world" tune now that I actually understand the words.

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Jul 30 13 4:33 AM

Looks like AKB48 is still continuing their What Can I Do For Someone Charity Campaign even years after sendai earthquake. I gotta hand it to them for never stopping the cause and shining light to those who still is of need.

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Aug 4 13 8:28 AM

JKT48 - Koi Suru Fortune Cookie (Teaser)

Well..i'm really curious how this huge push is actually having a viral effect at all. It's likely not but they are giving a worthy shot.

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Aug 10 13 3:52 AM

Based on extensive research (i.e., Music Station), Sashi seems kinda clever & witty

I'm thinkin' two thumbs up on her



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Aug 11 13 11:39 AM

Do not place code into your reply if you want to embed video, just paste in the regular url. Yuku will automatically embed it.

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Aug 12 13 5:19 AM

This is so nice for MJ to have send off shows for both Mariko and this going to be a regular thing though?! Jesus. lol

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Aug 15 13 6:12 AM

I read on the title Viral youtube and Internet hit, is that for Koi Suru Fortune Cookie? It only makes sense for that song, since everybody is dancing to it's choreography.

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Aug 17 13 4:41 PM

Itano Tomomi's graduation performance on Tuesday, August 27 and Akimoto Sayaka's graduation performance on Wednesday, August 28 at the AKB48 Theater will be streamed on niconico Live. The first part of the streams will be messages from fans from the AKB48 Theater lobby and the second part will be the their performances.
You need an account to watch. Timeshift is not available for both streams.

Program name: AKB48 Itano Tomomi Graduation Performance
Date: Tuesday, August 27
Scheduled broadcast time: 17:00 to 22:00 JST

Nico program page:

Program name: AKB48 Akimoto Sayaka Graduation Performance
Date: Wednesday, August 28
Scheduled broadcast time: 16:30 to 22:00 JST

Nico program page:


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