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Nov 8 12 5:34 AM

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AKB48 New Release


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Nov 8 12 6:23 AM

why are the other groups here?!? I don't like this idea of the other 48 groups infiltrating an AKB...leave to your own stuff FFFFFF

Though Eien Pressure sounds interesing...but it's a Janken single so these could be hit or miss for me...(didn't like Uekara Mariko" at all....x.x

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Nov 8 12 10:39 AM

Only interested in this single for MOE~NO! and Takeuchi. Seriously Paru-chan cant dance and makes weird faces while doing it lol so I wonder how the PV/live version will be haha.

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Nov 8 12 11:17 AM

keep the sister groups out of the single my god I don't want SKE and NMB there
I'm okay with HKT tho since they don't pop out a single every weekend, can't wait for the debut single next year.

why would they want a sakura no hanabira PV I bet it will just be a mix of old videos or something stupid like that.

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Nov 8 12 1:10 PM

Yeah I can't see acchan coming back to do a PV. It will most probably be a bunch of sappy videos stuck together aka a waste of a video. Is it bad that I'm looking forward to seeing Paruru dance real awkwardly and look ridiculous on the PV?.

The best type is obviously B (Tomo & NMB).

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Nov 9 12 2:10 AM

^ I want to see it too lol, just... after UZA I dont want any more close ups on her while shes "concentrating" I guess is what shes doing haha. Which wont happen since shes the center @.@

Cant decide which one I want. NMB is my second favorite just because of them as people but... their songs generally suck and I know it lol.

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Nov 9 12 12:09 PM

^yes! because she was the Janken Queen. its Mariko On The Top for translation, so it yes it was

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Nov 9 12 8:24 PM

yeah I understood the translation (thx nevertheless) but it is kinda weird to do this for her but the other did not have a song like this (the other janken singles I mean)

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Nov 10 12 2:18 AM

Kasai Tomomi solo debut in December
CM (Nov 18) - small solo live (Nov 25) - single (Dec 26) - photobook (Jan 2013)

not sure if want

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#11 post_url

Nov 10 12 3:32 AM

^ I wonder how her singing voice is.

And wasn't Takamina announced to be getting a solo debut? Why haven't we heard anything about that yet?

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Nov 10 12 9:02 AM

nemesisyume wrote:
Kasai Tomomi solo debut in December
CM (Nov 18) - small solo live (Nov 25) - single (Dec 26) - photobook (Jan 2013)

not sure if want

I can't wait seriously, I wasn't expecting her to debut but that would in part explain why she was absent for the last two singles.

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Nov 10 12 11:36 AM

I never thought the day would come that we see Kasai get so much push. Glad we finally get our PB that was promised two elections ago.

I'm curious if she's gonna go sexy or cute. She can pull off both honestly.

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Nov 11 12 3:33 AM

nemesisyume wrote:
Kasai Tomomi solo debut in December
CM (Nov 18) - small solo live (Nov 25) - single (Dec 26) - photobook (Jan 2013)

not sure if want
If they have something like Goto Maki's How to use Sexy era. (I.e: Some Boys Touch!) I'm for it.

Don't want like chiyu chiyuu chiyuuu 

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Nov 12 12 2:01 AM

I think some of the top girls are having some diva issues, or maybe just their fast paced booked everyday lifestyle is just driving the girls delirious lol.

Oh yeah and SNH48 (Shanghai48) website updated with the 1st gen photo and member list.

Not bad looking but so unsure what direction they'll throw them with. 

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#19 post_url

Nov 12 12 6:13 AM

they all look a 100 times better than most 48 group members tbh
checked some blog pics and old modeling pics from them and only found like one that wasn't oshi potential.

#20 post_url

Nov 13 12 2:11 AM

I guess so...It really does reflect on the nature of CPOP pool of talent.

Will AKB48 ever adventure to the korean realm and start a KOR48? Experimenting SDN48's singles as a test run.

I'm always curious how they attempt to expand their franchise. JKT48 has yet to make an official debut song/single. With Eein Pressure it might be then? (Theater Edition).

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