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Jun 12 11 4:45 PM

what a gorgeous voice she has

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Jul 3 11 4:39 AM

did you guys notice hyorin fell out during the last episode of music bank? ):
I loved their cover of secret's shy boy though. lol <3

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Jul 3 11 11:36 PM

Ji Eun could never match Hyorin in vocals. When Secret preformed Ma Boy, Ji Eun sounded like she was whispering the whole time. I could almost hear Hyorin's background vocals. I'm guessing that Zinger forgot the first E in Secret. Secret can be spelled in that space.

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Jul 4 11 5:23 AM

It's so obvious Hyorin is holding back from blasting away through Shy Boy then lets go during the ab-libs.

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Jul 7 11 8:42 PM

SISTAR19's "Ma boy" is no. 9 on Gaon's mid-year digital sales chart with 1,878,291 copies sold.

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Jul 7 11 10:44 PM

Secret got shit'ed on by Sistar -- doin' their own song better than them. Then when they attempt to do Sistar19's Ma Boy they sound like their doing one o' them mediocre as hell covers idols sing on those radio shows.

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Jul 21 11 3:55 PM

full group comeback in August according to Dasom's latest blog on their fan cafe:

Hello my love STAR1~~~~~~ I am DASOM~!!

It was the first day of the dog a few days ago, have you eaten the chicken soup? he he
From today, rainy season will be gone and the weather will became hotter and hotter~.~


Our SISTAR will meet you soon~!! I am so glad about it~^o^

Please have a great expectation for the comeback stage in August~~ I will show you new performance for you guys~!!

It is best to have great supporters like STAR1!!!!!!

cr: Sistar.Brasil @ Soompi

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