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Apr 14 11 1:25 PM

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SISTAR (씨스타) is a K-Pop girl group created and managed by Starship Entertainment. They first appeared in the South Korean magazine Céci where they modeled for the American clothing company FUBU, and the group later debuted in early 2010 with the single "Push Push".


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Apr 16 11 3:13 AM

How did SISTAR survive the girl group rush?

Despite the many girl groups that keep debuting each month, industry representatives are already calling it the end of the girl group era. Variety programs that catered to girl groups like “Invincible Youth“, “Heroes“, and even “Bouquet“, have either been canceled due to low viewer ratings, or have undergone a concept change departing from girl groups entirely.
The competition still remains fierce though, and if a group doesn’t have that special something to set them apart from others, it only takes a second to be buried by the next.
It’s certainly a game of survival out there, and SISTAR has managed to play their cards right. It hasn’t even been a year since their debut, but they’ve already got three hit tracks under their belt, as well as a ‘K-Chart’ trophy.
So what made them so appealing?

They chose the combination of their powerful vocal talent and their dance choreography. Soyu commented, “Even when electronic sounds and auto-tune were all the trend, we didn’t use it. There’s no auto-tune in our MRs because when a song has a strong electronic sound to it, it eats up your vocals. We emphasized the sound of our natural voices instead.”
The girls have already had their vocal talent acknowledged by netizens through MR-removed videos, and since the girls are from a smaller label and didn’t have a strong fanbase to begin with, all they had to rely on to set them apart was their raw talent alone. Although “Push Push” didn’t give them the push that they needed, “Shady Girl” put them on the right track until they finally hit their home run with “How Dare You.” Out of the three, “How Dare You” is Bora’s favorite, as “it really brings out the characteristics of what makes up SISTAR.”

Hyorin’s voice is also worth noting, as it’s not only husky, but refreshing to hear. She’s been put in the same ranks of Taeyang and Taeyeon amongst idols in terms of talent, so naturally, she does have plans for solo activities.
Hyorin commented, “These days, I’ve been holding my breath while watching senior singers from ‘I Am A Singer.’ It’d be such an honor for me to be able to stand on such a stage some day.”
As previously reported, however, the girls really kicked off their popularity through variety shows like MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championships.“ They’ve garnered nicknames like ‘athletic idols’ and have shown a healthy image to the public. They’ve also since expanded their variety realm to include talk shows like “Radio Star” and “Strong Heart,” where they were both noted for their witty remarks. Maknae Dasom has plans for pursuing an acting career once she feels she’s secured a position with SISTAR. Thanks to their growing popularity, the girls are not only receiving more event requests, but OST participation and a growing uncle fanbase as well. “Whenever we perform at army events, it feels like a riot!” These days, the girls are busily preparing for their next comeback and are more confident in dreaming of a win on a music program. Dasom concluded, “Just thinking of consecutive wins makes me happy.”

Just thought I'd add a whack article since they ain't doin' nothin'.

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Apr 16 11 11:34 PM

Maknae Dasom has plans for pursuing an acting career once she feels she’s secured a position with SISTAR.
I always forget her name and have to look it up. At least she's aware of her 'situation'.

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Apr 27 11 8:55 PM

SISTAR are jumping on the subunit bandwagon:

SISTAR announces first unit group, ‘SISTAR19′


SISTAR has just announced their first ever unit project, ‘SISTAR19′, featuring main vocalist Hyorin and rapper Bora!

The ‘19′ in their name represents the age that girls mature into women, and it also embodies the sense of innocence yet uncertainty they feel. The girls’ music aims to showcase these feelings through their lyrics and concept.

A series of teaser photos for their title track, “Ma Boy“, was unveiled today, and fans were able to catch a glimpse into SISTAR’s ‘19′ concept.

Unfortunately, the number ‘19′ sparked some debate over what exactly it could mean. While some praised, “I can’t take my eyes off of Hyorin and Bora’s new charm”, “They’ve expressed the rebelliousness of girls their age through just their gazes”, and “Bora’s legs are captivating”, other asked, “Does the 19 mean it’s rated R?“, and “Will they be showing the innocence of the age 19, or…”

Starship Entertainment commented, “SISTAR19 will feature an explosive energy that can’t be seen with other girl groups. , They’ll create their own charm with Hyorin’s powerful vocals and Bora’s strong rap skills.”

Their digital single will drop on May 3rd!


can't wait!

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Apr 28 11 12:59 AM

Hyorin and Bora are the only ones that I recognize anyway, lol.

This is going to be good

#6 post_url

Apr 28 11 1:16 AM

What a pointless subunit... I feel bad for the other two members not being included. But it's more material SISTAR so I'm excited!

#7 post_url

Apr 28 11 2:40 AM

So two the that are worth paying attention to get even more time in the spotlight? lol Would've thought it would go the other way around.

#8 post_url

Apr 28 11 12:01 PM

I'm so happy for this sub-unit actually lol. Hyorin is my favorite member and Bora my second fav.
Can't wait to hear the song~ 3f1268864eb694bb8b9948c131757f941a97c5a3_r I'll probably buy it even if it's bad lol.

#9 post_url

Apr 28 11 12:42 PM

YESSSSS I love this!!! Having subunits for a group of 4 girls is extra stupid, but as long as Hyorin's being spotlighted, I couldn't give two shits!!! HYORIN FTW!!!!

So I guess after they promote their digital single, Soyu and the other one will come out with a cutesy, barfilicious song of their own?

#10 post_url

Apr 28 11 1:19 PM

Yippeeee this means we get more videos of Bora falling right on her derriere


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Apr 28 11 10:28 PM

HYORIN 043267964bbd04dd8299e0c9ca8ee0329345548d_r teaser is fucking hot OMG!

I don't really see the point of making a subunit of a 4 members group though. I wish it was a SISTAR single instead

#13 post_url

Apr 28 11 10:54 PM

I think this is retarded. A 4 member group doesn't need a "sub unit". If this song is actually good, they should have just released it as the actual group since their material so far is weak as hell and basic.

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Apr 30 11 2:03 PM

On “100 Points out of 100″ Bora did what she does best and tripped over her own god damn feet again.

Allkpop has an article with a video of the fall here.

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May 2 11 2:19 PM

LeeLeeNeko wrote:
^ The video was deleted.

There's gonna another track that matches the teaser... right ?

I hope so, I'm not feeling this song. smiley: tired

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May 2 11 2:57 PM

Thanks for replacing the video LeeLeeNeko!

Here's the music video:

At least they look good in the video. The song is ok, but it's kind of disappointing. The teaser made me think it was going to be a more upbeat, harder track.

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