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Dec 1 12 2:13 PM

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Sakai Noriko Announces December Showbiz Comeback

Sakai Noriko announces comeback
Posted: 26 November 2012 1540 hrs

TOKYO: Japanese actress Sakai Noriko announced that she will return to showbiz, at a media conference in Tokyo on Saturday, reported Chinese media.

And her first gig is the stage production "Rhapsody of Azure Sky" which will open on December 15 in Tokyo, shortly after her three-year probationary period for her previous drug offences expires.

Sakai expressed that she was grateful to her son for supporting her through this trying period and said she would "spend my life making up for the harm I have caused him".

The 41-year-old actress added that she would never take drugs again.

"If I take drugs, I'd be too foolish!" said Sakai.

"I have truly kicked my drug habit. Now I only think about bravely going forward. Everyone, please don't worry."

In 2009, Sakai went on the run for a week before she was finally arrested by Japanese authorities, and was put on three years' probation after pleading guilty to charges of drug abuse and possession.

During the media conference, Sakai described her days as a fugitive as being filled with "fear", and said her actions at the time were "too childish".


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#1 post_url

Nov 26 13 9:50 AM

still from her new music video

2014.01.22 OUT
2100円 (tax in)

01 トラベラー
02 PRIDE (Imai Miki Cover)
03 時の流れに身をまかせ (Teresa Teng Cover)
04 生きてこそ (kiroro Cover)
05 涙ひとつふ

DVD Tracklist:
01 碧いうさき -Chinese Version- MV
02 涙ひとつふ MC

Sakai Noriko announces her music career comeback with the release of a new mini album on Jan 22 2014.

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