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Feb 15 12 1:07 AM

Brave Girls to return with mini-album “Re-Issue” on February 22nd


The Brave Girls will be making their much anticipated comeback next week on February 22nd with their second mini-album, ‘Re-Issue‘!

The ladies recently confirmed their comeback date and released the album’s tracklist on their Daum fancafe.

While we await future teasers and previews, check out the tracklist below. What kind of music and style do you think the Brave Girls will have in store for their return?

1. B’Girls are back
2. Nowadays you
3. Without a word
4. Nowadays you (Remix)
5. Nowadays you (Instrumental)

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Feb 21 12 4:51 PM

Sounds like a SISTAR song. I like it but their music was always different from what BB usually does. That suit outfit does not work since it is so SISTAR to me.

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Feb 28 13 1:22 AM

Sigh. I seriously dont know what happened with these girls anymore they have been missing already a full year now and BB has not done or said anything about these girls. I have written on Twitter to them numerous times about their comeback and have not received any answer at all, I am completely frustrated with how BB handles his company's groups, quit making hits for other idols and start paying attention to your own groups, especially them! BIGSTAR has been in the constant known since their debut and where the fuck are BG? Nowhere to be seen, so pissed with this now.

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Feb 28 13 10:58 AM

Um I love all of their songs...besides the last release. TBH I think BB is too busy enjoying his resurgence in popularity with SISTAR.

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Feb 28 13 1:26 PM

That is just so messed up of him...I am just so annoyed with him now...he needs to stop riding on the popularity of SISTAR and pay attention to his own groups already...

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Apr 27 13 6:32 PM

Comeback has been announced for June 2013 (expected to be their first album)

I cannot express in words how excited I am over this! LOL! I literally screamed when I heard about this.

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Jun 10 13 8:49 PM

Well I doubt that rumor about them coming back this month is going to happen... with no news at all.. Brave truly does not know how to handle his own company... why do you open a company and start groups when you dont even promote them thoroughly? I just give up even hoping that they will return...I feel bad for Big Star and Brave Girls...

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Aug 20 14 10:36 AM

Happy for me? Why? These girls are like never coming back I gave up hoping after waiting and wasting almost three years of no news. Brave Sound is such a horrible company with even worse managing than Pledis. Such a shame too cause this group had so much potential.

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Feb 3 16 12:50 AM

It's good to see them coming back, even with the new to old ratio being smiley: eek

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