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Jul 27 11 7:14 PM

^ LoL well I don't think that busted-up rastafarian will be in the song any more than what we heard from him here. Micro-braids girl sounds good!

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Jul 27 11 7:31 PM


The album leaked on Jpopsuki

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Jul 30 11 11:20 AM

Well... I don't like it at all. That EunYoung girl can just go solo after this group dies in about a month. They bring ABSOLUTELY nothing new to the table, and I know that's not saying much for Korean girl groups, but at least most groups have SOME stand-out characteristic. Brave Girls are just a less interesting, outdated 2NE1/4minute.

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Jul 30 11 12:25 PM

The major issue is how Brave Sound promotes these girls, we dont really get to see anyone else but Eunyoung all the time. Yes she does have a great voice and is the leader, but we want to be able to see and hear more of the other three girls (Hyeran, Yehjin, and Seoa), Yoojin also steals the stage the whole time and shes starting to become the member I find most annoying. Brave Sound has to come with a way to show each member individually in a song that will balance the members vocals out, sort of how he did with A.S. RED in "In The Night Sky" each member has steady amount of time to sing, but Brave Girls is about Eunyoung and Yoojin with Hyeran and Yehjin the add Seoa for one line. This song, as well as "Do You Know" does not set each member part for anyone to figure out who to like.

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Jul 30 11 1:12 PM

I don't think that's what "we" want at all... If by "WE" you mean the masses, then WE want a catchy song and some kind of interesting, original appeal to make the group feel fresh. No one cares about the amount of screen time a pointless member gets. Girls' Generation fans don't complain that Hyoyeon or Sooyoung only gets 3 seconds of singing in a song and a 5 second dance feature because that's all they're worth. If these girls don't find a gimmick that works for them, they're dead.

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Aug 3 11 10:50 AM

I know a lot people think they suck,but I love their new song. Skull is cute too lol

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