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Apr 14 11 1:15 PM

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Brave Girls (브레이브 걸스) is a Korean girl group signed under Brave Sound Entertainment

Brave Girls released their debut single "the Difference" and its lead single "아나요 (Do You Know)" and its second single "So Sexy" on April 8 2011. The band had consisted Eunyoung, Yoojin, Hyeran, Seoa and Yehjin. On July 29 2011, the band had released their first mini album "Back to da future" and its lead single "툭하면 (Easily)" featuring Skull and on August 26 2011, the band released a remixed version online. On February 22 2012, the band had released their second mini album "[re:issue]" and its lead single "요즘 너 (Nowadays You)." On August 31 2013, Brave Girls returned from a year and six months hiatus with an online single "For You," that had included vocals by current members Yoojin and Hyeran. The band was expected to have a debut album released that year, but it was eventually cancelled.

On February 3 2016, Brave Sound Entertainment revealed that Brave Girls will return from a three years hiatus. Yoojin and Hyeran remain as current members, but Eunyoung, Seoa and Yehjin did not renew their contract and the company decided to replace them with members Minyoung, Eunji, Yuna, Hayun and Youjeong and on February 16 2016, the band released an online single "변했어 (Deepened)." On June 27 2016, the band released their third mini album "하이힐 (High Heels)" and on September 1 2016, the band released an online single called "유후 (Yoohoo)." On January 2017, Brave Sound revealed that Yoojin is going to leave and is planning on studying abroad and Hyeran is going to be on hiatus due to her health concerns.

On March 7 2017, Brave Girls released their fourth mini album "Rollin'."


Minyoung (Main Vocals)

Eunji (Lead Vocals / Lead Rapper)

Yuna (Lead Vocals)

Hayun (Vocals)

Youjeong (Vocals)

Hyeran (Main Rapper) (Hiatus)


Yoojin (Lead Vocals)

Yehjin (Vocals)

Seoa (Vocals)

Eunyoung (Leader / Main Vocals)


Mini Albums

(03.07.2017) Rollin'

(06.27.2016) 하이힐 (High Heels)

(02.22.2012) 요즘  (Nowadays You)

(07.29.2011) Back to da future

Digital Singles

(09.01.2016) 유후 (Yoohoo)

(02.16.2016) 변했어 (Deepened)

(08.31.2013) For You

(08.26.2011) 툭하면 (Easily)


(04.08.2011) the Difference

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Apr 15 11 10:48 AM

"Do You Know" is so good. I am really starting to love it more over "So Sexy" but I dont understand why "So Sexy" music video has yet to be released.

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#5 post_url

Apr 17 11 12:27 AM


And these girls are smart and not conceited at all! I read some articles on them and they hope to show people their voice and do not feel pressure due to the heavy loads of debut girl groups, and wish them the best too. They are smart girls, I understand some people are too busy with Rania and everything and I understand that but Brave Girls owns! :P

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#7 post_url

Apr 17 11 4:36 PM

They had to do it.

Especially the part when Hye Ran does her rap, since their legs are spread. It pisses me that Ingigayo gave them so little time to do this song and its their debut stage on the show too.  smiley: mad

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#8 post_url

Apr 17 11 6:49 PM

Ugh, these music stations need to decide what's acceptable and what's not before their first stages. They all need to agree to the same terms and make them apply to guys as well. Whatever, I'll keep BG performances and enjoy it.

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#9 post_url

Apr 17 11 7:03 PM

Same here!

And its so annoying that basically women could not show any sex appeal but yet a man could throw his shirt off and touch his body and that is acceptable? Well it is to me, but its not fair that they have one set of rules for women and its so strict.

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#10 post_url

Apr 18 11 2:41 AM

I forgot to post their stage on the new MTV show called "The Show" they did this past Saturday! It went very well and were able to sing the complete song! Yoo Jin really has got to change her hair, not a fan of it.

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#11 post_url

Apr 18 11 5:38 PM

I like the hair. It's a step up from the one in the poster.

Watching that performance, I get a heavy HBIC vibe from Eun Young. She's reminding me of Nicole in PCD.

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#12 post_url

Apr 19 11 10:07 PM

That explains why I couldn't put a name to her face. I like her hair as it is now. I love CL but being constantly reminded of her was a no especially when not knowing much of her personality.

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#13 post_url

Apr 19 11 10:11 PM

I really hate it when groups who are going to debut wear things to cover their faces (such as sunglasses) so I for one am glad that they have chosen "Do You Know" as their lead debut since we could hear their voices and see them very well.

"So Sexy" is very good too, but "Do You Know" just owns!

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#17 post_url

Apr 22 11 4:09 PM

Oh! It is so confusing!

LOL! I miss how we can just add: (youtube) add (youtube). So much more simple to me.

Personally, I love this performance. Their vocal is great on stage, they just get better and better. Please Yoo Jin change your hair.

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#18 post_url

Apr 22 11 10:09 PM

Caught myself mouthing the chorus while I was at Outback.

Only thing I'm not too fond of in this live is Eun Young's long coat. The whole special episode overall is great.

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#20 post_url

Apr 22 11 11:08 PM

Ugh I've been addicted to "Do you know" since this afternoon. Already played it close to 60 times.

Eun Young is the best lol I like their lives but I wish the backing track wasn't so loud. Plus I noticed Eun Young is the only one that actually sings during the chorus. Anywho they have time to get better I'm loving them so far.

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