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Jun 5 13 12:07 AM



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Jun 5 13 6:06 AM

I can't wait for it, although I'm probably not going to like the duet song at all. The title screams 'ballad' all around, and Raina is already singing lots of lines and she does final chorus ad libs in most songs, why couldn't they make a duet between E-young and Kaeun this time to give the newest members some time to shine?

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Jun 5 13 10:40 AM

moonbunny28 wrote:
With all of those bruises they have a doubt about that.  
He or she is referring to the duet song not the title track

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Jun 6 13 12:20 AM

After School is taking a page from EXO by releasing a ton of teasers.
The pictures are nice but I want to hear the song teaser.
I need to know if it's more like Flashback, Because of You, or Shampoo.

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Jun 6 13 2:59 PM

Available now on pre order at these sites (please purchase on either one of these sites so they could count toward charts):

They are number four on preorders of their sixth single on Japanese charts

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Jun 7 13 4:17 PM

Those are fake tattoos right? They look nastay. D:

mitsuhoney wrote:
Lizzy was in crutches hence why shes not seen here...

Did she fall off the pole?

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Jun 7 13 4:23 PM

^ I wonder if the fake tattoos are there to cover the bruises they got :S

And I read on allkpop that Lizzy has cancelled all her upcoming activities because of her injury, I hope they don't postpone the comeback!

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Jun 8 13 1:56 PM

Now that's teaser.  I hope we get more soon.

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