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Apr 19 11 5:54 PM

they look fierce. 8D

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Apr 19 11 6:05 PM

I dont even notice all the misspelling!

What is up with that? They really need to ask Bekah for correct English.

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Apr 19 11 10:08 PM

Benny the album is going to come out on April 29.

They released their third photo early today (featuring second generation member U-ie) and she looks so great, so beautiful!


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Apr 19 11 11:00 PM

she looks pretty indeed.

and so does Lizzy in her individual pic:


I'm so curious how it's going to turn out. the concept seems nice so far. I love it~



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Apr 20 11 6:46 AM

01 Let's Step Up
02 Shampoo
03 Virgin
04 뱅 (Bang)! (2011 New Recordings)
05 Play Ur Love
06 Dream
07 너 때문에 (2011 New Recordings)
08 시간에 기대어
09 잘 지내고 있죠
10 Funky Man
11 My Bell
12 When I Fall (2011 New Recordings)

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Apr 20 11 8:16 AM

I'm excited that Jung Ah and Raina got solo songs. The album sounds pretty good from the description.

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Apr 20 11 9:59 AM

ah thanks mitsuhoney, guess it's not that far

Shampoo is their title track I think?...Shampoo...

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Apr 20 11 10:54 AM


"Shampoo" is going to be their title track. I wonder what the song will be like?

I am glad that "Bang!" and "Because of You" were recorded, but a bit sad that "DIVA" and "AH!" were not since those songs were their original ones.

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Apr 20 11 11:39 AM

Virgin? Let's see how they promote this album because I haven't enjoyed a release from them since "Because of You" because "Bang!" was only good for 5 minutes

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Apr 20 11 3:57 PM

"Bang!' was by far my most played song last year. I hope the album isn't full of ballads and midtempos, since their minis usually are. I have faith in them and Pledis, though.

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Apr 20 11 4:30 PM

drew same here! That song was played more than anything last year, I was beyond addicted to it.

I hope too that their debut album wont be all ballad. The only ballad that I did love (that was not a single) was "When I Fall"



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Apr 20 11 6:17 PM

"Shampoo"..... definitely looking forward to this release because it sounds quite cuteish concept

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Apr 21 11 10:11 AM

They will be releasing a music video teaser for their title song "Shampoo" tomorrow (April 22) I so cant wait for this!

Also they showed a picture on Twitter of them at rehearsals, the only reason why I posted this is the fact how odd E-Young looks, she does not fit in with this band at all. Please, go back home and play the guitar. B6f36bea6343b0ac4c148ce59e6fc203b0c32bfe_r


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