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#1981 post_url

Jun 8 13 2:32 PM

AS to appear on Star King next week:

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#1984 post_url

Jun 8 13 8:37 PM

That's WAY MORE than I thought they would do. Looking forward to this. I worry that the tv networks won't let them preform with them though.
SISTAR had a choreography that involved a stripper pole with How Dare You but not one of the tv networks would let them preform with it.
The pieces I have seen looked beginner stuff compared to this.

#1986 post_url

Jun 9 13 5:16 AM

Oh, I was expecting something different, but I'll wait for the full version to judge.

#1988 post_url

Jun 9 13 10:29 AM

I'm really fucking pissed.. Brave Brothers really had the nerve to give them Sistar's Gone Not Around Any Longer part 2.. Instead of oooo's we get nana's... This is ridiculous.. After School deserves better and they shouldn't have worked with this douche who makes one sound..

Last Edited By: Lightning Jun 9 13 10:33 AM. Edited 2 times.

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#1989 post_url

Jun 9 13 11:59 AM

I did not expect the song to be a fast song with the fact that they have pole dancing because pole dancing is more sultry and how can you do those moves on the pole during a fast song? It would look very weird. Regardless, this is what I was scared of, that BB will just rehash Alone, This Person and Gone again, and he did. The man just cannot let that same sound go but I am going to judge more when I hear the full song. It does not sound too bad so far, just wish he would at least try a new thing for once. For anyone who missed it:

#1990 post_url

Jun 9 13 1:37 PM

oh yeah I was expecting that but I'm a sucker for those songs so I'm not gonna complain.
I'm sure the rest of the maxi single will make up for the lack of novelty anyways

#1992 post_url

Jun 10 13 2:17 AM

Damn you are fast.

The teaser looks great and the song sounds promising (listening to it more, I can see its not exactly a replica of the jazz ballad hes done for SISTAR more than once) the only thing about the teaser thats weird is the random black woman note in the beginning and the creepy smile that Nana gives in the end.

#1995 post_url

Jun 10 13 6:46 AM

Looks good, but still sounds bad... I didn't notice there were two girls on the back poles together. xD

#1996 post_url

Jun 10 13 11:54 AM

mitsuhoney wrote:
the only thing about the teaser thats weird is the random black woman note in the beginning

isnt that raina? lol

I will wait for the full song to judge, hope I'll love it

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