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Oct 29 12 7:43 AM

Lmao u're kidding right !?

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Oct 29 12 9:45 AM

I actually had to do a double take seeing her @ #1 again lol. To be honest, I wonder if it was a slight supply and demand issue going on. There is no telling what caused the rebound though, since there are two fanbases working in conjunction to push this release to #1. Speaking of the #1 position, this last minute surge may have put her over the top, but it's probably still pretty close between her and the SUPER GiRLS.

#45 post_url

Oct 29 12 9:58 AM

What a jump! I'm just amazed! I'm really curious if Kuu has overtaken SUPER GiRLS and if she'll get that 1st place. I hope so!

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Oct 29 12 12:09 PM

LiLo wrote:
She's back to no.1 today, selling 7,978 copies =.= I really don't get her sales pattern lols she'll probably drop tmr though
It's already the last day.

And there's probably some stock issue involved anyway.

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Oct 29 12 12:10 PM

ARUTO wrote:
When will people learn not to hotlink pics? -_-

why don't you teach us? smiley: roll -_-

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Oct 29 12 12:52 PM

Early Merry Christmas for you

I intended to leak this during the christmas as my christmas gift for you guys, but as I am going to be in Cancun from the next week, I won't be able to.

anyway, I'm not sure if this video is going to be kept here, since this board is a third-rate dictatorship
So here you are

Adiós amigos

la cucaracha~ la cucaracha~�smiley: pimp

Last Edited By: billythekid Oct 29 12 12:56 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Oct 29 12 1:01 PM

Oh wow! Thank you so much! It's beautiful. Is it that recording of "White Christmas" which was discussed here about a half an year ago?

Last Edited By: dodo Oct 29 12 1:17 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Oct 29 12 1:12 PM

Thanks for the heads up Negi.

Has anyone noticed the sudden surge in "likes" on Kumi's Facebook page? Before Go to the top was released, she was at about 30k and now she is about to break 50k lol.

#56 post_url

Oct 29 12 1:29 PM

OMG yes indeed! I checked it yesterday when I read about Namie breaking 250k likes and Kumi was at about 30k just as you mentioned

#59 post_url

Oct 29 12 4:02 PM

#1 with 55k......



Now if only her next single could sell 55k... *praying*

#60 post_url

Oct 29 12 4:02 PM

congrats! yay!!

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