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Mar 26 14 8:35 PM

How Are U wasn't too bad, but I remember it being the very first release in which Beni Arashiro never charted on the Oricon charts, but those days are long over since BENI is doing really well on the charts.
The DREAMS COME TRUE tribute album is out today, so you guys can get your BENI fix for now.

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Mar 28 14 12:41 PM

「BEST All Singles & Covers Hit Selection」
2014/6/11 on sale

Regular edition 2CD ¥3.500
First Press Limited Edition Special Price 2CD ¥2.759
First Press Limited Edition Deluxe 2CD+DVD ¥4.800
including 16p photobook

1 もう二度と...
2. kiss kiss kiss 
3. 恋焦がれて
4. ずっと二人で
6. サイン
7. bye bye
8. ユラユラ
9. ギミギミ♥
10. Heaven‘s Door
13. 声を聞かせて
14. crazy girl
15. Darlin 

4. Ti Amo
7. 桜坂 
8. .いとしのエリー 
10. 歌うたいのバラッド 
11. Lovers Again 
14. .Your Song (new) 
15. もう2度と…Unplugged Ver(new)

2.Kiss Kiss Kiss  
7.bye bye
10.Heaven's Door
14.crazy girl
19.ずっと二人でUnplugged Ver 
20.もう2度と...Unplugged Ver(新録曲)

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Mar 28 14 1:04 PM

^ was expecting that in this year.

The real question is: what will come after that?

She can still sell well, maybe she/her staff will reinvent her style. Or just release COVERS:4 .
No one knows, that's why I'm doubtful about her future...

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Mar 28 14 1:58 PM

She listened to me and put another unplugged track on the BEST 😀.

I hope that there is a lot more to come after this with her. She's still a good seller and has flawless music.

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Mar 28 14 2:22 PM

Whoa, the release date is only two days different from being exactly 10 years since she debuted with Harmony. That's cool.

They should have at least had her re-record that or a couple of those other Avex singles to help pad out the second disc instead of including literally half of COVERS 1. Two Hearts could have been on there too... or an actual NEW song instead of the two listed as being new, but really aren't. Lol, w/e.

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Mar 30 14 9:47 AM

Gah. It's not really worth it if you bought everything she released under Universal. The two new MVs will probably be a studio live session and where's "Two Hearts"? But hey, if it does well, she could pull an arena final?

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Apr 1 14 10:32 PM

This long wait, wonder what it will consist of from her. Since it is her 10th anniversary, wonder if she'll re record some of her old songs but I'd love to have new songs too!

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Apr 2 14 4:15 PM

She's still been recording for 10 years and that's truly something to celebrate. Especially watching her grow as an artist from her Avex days to now.

But I think the main reasons she is celebrating 10 years but not acknowledging her career as "Arashiro Beni"are
1. She already had a best album with avex, so I don't think she would rerelease music from a different label on this best.
2. We don't know the legal situation, she might not have any ownership of her old music. Perhaps she would have to pay up to even acknowledge those records or perform them or rerecord them.
I don't believe that Beni would completely ignore her avex releases simply out of disdain. She still wrote and helped create the majority of them after all.

I do think it would be really wonderful if there was a disc 3 that included a new EP of 4 or 5 tracks to hint at the new direction she is going with her music. I'd also love rerecorded music or ~part 2~/spiritual predecessors to certain avex songs just to show how things have come full circle.
Kind of like how DOUBLE had songs like Bed-Part2 and Sweet Time again (which were jazzier renditions of her classics). Or Crystal Kay releasing acoustic versions of Eternal Memories, Hard To Say etc.
It'd even be cool if she sampled or referenced some of her early early material in new records (again Crystal Kay comes to mind when she sampled Motherland in the song Fly To You, or Utada Hikaru's uso mitai na i love + hikari).

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Apr 5 14 2:24 AM

RED TOUR slayed me DEAD

the album was so mediocre but she saved it for me with this concert, My World is soooo cute and just everything was on point

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Apr 21 14 3:29 AM

cover for the regular edition

first press will be voted by FC members

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