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Feb 14 14 11:00 AM

I totally forgot about that collab! We'll hopefully hear it soon O.o

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Mar 16 14 12:47 PM

Looking nice as usual. This year is her 10th anniversary as an artist so that premium live she's doing in May is a celebration. It would be nice if she bought the rights to some Avex songs and sang them that night.

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Mar 17 14 5:45 PM

I was going to say that same thing. I want some new music. It is her 10th after all, I hope she does something big for it, other than that live performance. I'd love to see her have lives with Gen Ittetsu strings/horn section because that would be amazing. But also maybe a couple singles and even some type of album. Why do I have a feeling a BEST is on the way?

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Mar 18 14 2:00 AM

^ BEST is very likely considering she had 5 albums with Universal Music, I wonder what her contract stipulates, I mean usually artist sign a contract in which it says how many albums they have to release.

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Mar 18 14 7:09 PM

I feel like she should have a dropped a best album when COVERS 1 was a hit, but this girl never really strikes when the iron is hot and just flounders around

doubt it will do big things for her at this point, so I hope new material comes soon

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Mar 18 14 7:18 PM

COVERS: 231,639
COVERS 2: 147,090
COVERS 3: 55,958

They could always make a COVERS 4 and it'd still sell more than her original albums. I don't think BENI has any hits now for her best to sell well. I really don't think "Mou Nido to..." is enough to support it. If anything, only her fans would buy it and they're around 20k. But a COVERS BEST however...

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Mar 18 14 10:27 PM

^ I've been wondering about a double BEST for a while now, either a 2 Disc BEST (1 Disc original material, one COVERS) or just two separately released BEST's at the same time. either way she's due.

that would give her more free time to play with kitty. and really, who wants to be away from their kitty. hell, I want to play with her kitty. smiley: roll

few more new RdB pics

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Mar 19 14 1:04 PM

Yeah, Mou Nido Tou and Yura Yura/Gimme Gimme have been her best selling singles since she moved to Universal and those were released ages ago it seems. So new music would be good.

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Mar 19 14 10:13 PM

BENI "Premium LIVE 2014" on Friday, March 21 will be streamed on JAMBORiii STATION and niconico Live.
Starts at 15:30 JST.

Program name: JCN presents BENI Premium LIVE 2014 supported by MUSIC ON! TV
Date: Friday, March 21
Scheduled broadcast time: 15:30 to 16:30 JST

JAMBORiii STATION channel:
(Ustream page:

Nico program page:
Timeshift period: 7 days
You do not need a niconico account to watch, but if you have one, you can use timeshift to watch it later.


How to use timeshift on niconico:

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Mar 21 14 1:27 AM

Help me out here. I am so confused on niconico I mean it doesn't stArt for another hour but I need help getting around. I can't find where to change the page to English on my phone...

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Mar 22 14 8:59 PM

Polaris wrote:
Gawd I've been jammin' to How R U? for a while now! Can't believe it's been almost 10 years! This was actually my first BENI song <3

Mine, too..well, I discovered her around the time that single was released.

How R U? was cool, but Surrender was friggin' addictive O_O;

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