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Jun 7 13 7:07 PM

555 well it's base on the Thai iTunes chart but yes, Thai music in the last 2 years is same old same easy listening. I've not been keeping up and I live here lol.

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Jun 7 13 10:32 PM

You live in Thailand? Wow! I wish I could visit there.

I am still waiting on Girly Berry to return... been almost a year already! Why do Thai artists take so long to come back.

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Jun 8 13 1:20 AM

I came to celebrate finishing my master's and then never left lol it's 6 years now and despite the insane traffic, melt me weather and stupid politics, I really am happy that I came back.

Thai artist, especially ones not forced to, really do release every other year or longer. Of course new artists release more to build a fan base but the ones that have made it big can take their time. I think it's been 2+ years for me waiting for new Bodyslam music, not recycled stuff

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Jun 20 13 6:20 PM

Hi, I just started listening to thai music after hearing some on a movie soundtrack and was hoping if someone could recommend some current singers with good ballads? I'm a total new listener to thai pop, but a song I just heard was ทำใจไม่ได้ (I Can't) by knomjean, so anything with this kind of vibe would be great.

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Jun 21 13 12:54 AM

^Recommendations for you [I'm assuming you want a female vocalist etc.]:

Slightly light rock pop kind of sound -- you need to check out Da Endorphine - great voice, one of the best in Thailand:

Other ballad singers that are popular:

Jennifer Kim - 

Ten Nararak - 

Lula - 

If you want male ballad singers, here's two great ones:

Boyd from Peacemaker:    [older song but still great]

Singular [group]: 

The current HIT ballad song playing EVERYWHERE;

Getsunova's 'No matter how far, it's near' 


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Jun 21 13 11:02 AM

Happy to help; not many ppl listens to Thai music.

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Jun 26 13 3:42 PM

I remember the Thai music thread in the old forum, I'm glad that there's one here too

I'm going to watch some videos here, there are some that I already saw.
I'll probably add a few of them to my Thai music playlist:

O_O damn, they deleted half of the videos of my playlist or what!

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Jun 26 13 3:59 PM

Hey, thank you for the translation site, I'll check it out!! I'm just getting started with translations as well, from Thai to my language so I'll rely on them to know if I did a good job or not. the way, can someone tell me if Me's song (หัวใจไม่แข็งแรง) is about a girl who's sad because her friend has an unrequited love for her male friend? I'll see if I can find the translation on the site mentionned on page 1 later.

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Jun 26 13 9:35 PM

25 Hours are an good British inspired Thai rock group. I enjoy several of their songs, but these 2 are my favorites and their popular hits:

As for Me's หัวใจไม่แข็งแรง lyrics, in Thai:

A1 โลกสวยงามขึ้นทันใด เมื่อเธอใกล้กันกับฉัน แต่เหมือนมันตรงข้ามกัน เมื่อฉันใกล้เขากับเธอ ก็ตัวฉัน กับคนนั้น แตกต่างกัน พอเข้าใจกันได้ดี..แค่มองก็รู้.. ว่าคือคนไหนที่เธอรัก A2 เป็นได้เพียงแค่เพื่อนเธอ เมื่อเธอคิดกันแค่นั้น แต่ที่ใจมันยังสั่น เพราะฉันคิดมากกว่าเพื่อนเธอ ไม่อยากรู้ ไม่อยากเห็น ไม่อยากเป็นคนที่ดูเธอและเขารักกันอย่างนี้.. เจ็บจนใจฉันเกินทนไหว HOOK ก็ใจฉันนั้นไม่แข็งแรงสักเท่าไหร่ ยังหวั่นไหวเมื่อต้องเห็นเขาและเธอ ได้แต่ฝืนยิ้มทุกครั้งที่ต้องเจอ..ทั้งที่ปวดใจ ช่วยหน่อยได้ไหม ทำไงให้ใจฉันไม่สั่น A3 หากว่าเป็นใครคนอื่น ก็คงฝืนคงทนไหว แต่ไม่รู้ว่าทำไม มันไม่ง่ายสำหรับฉัน ไม่อยากรู้ ไม่อยากเห็น ไม่อยากเป็นคนที่ดูเธอและเขารักกันอย่างนี้.. เจ็บจนใจฉันเกินทนไหว

No, I think you misunderstood - if we are only going by the lyrics above - it's about singer for her friend but the friend loves someone else and the song is from the point of view of the singer talking to this friend etc.

QUICK Translations so forgive some mistakes lol:

A1: This world becomes more beautiful when you are near me but it's like the opposite when I am near that person and you, because that person and I are different. I understand well, just by looking, who you love.
A2: I can only be your friend when you think think of me as only that but my heart is still vulnerable because I think of you more than a friend. I don't want to know, don't want to see, don't want to be the person that has to see you and that person 'loving' each hurts my heart beyond bearing/endurance.
HOOK: Because my heart is not that strong, it's vulnerable when I see you and that person. I can only smile against my feelings every time we meet...despite the pain. Please can you help, how can I still my heart.
A3: If it was another person, that person could probably endure and be OK but I don't know why it's not easy for me. I don't want to know, don't want to see, don't want to be the person that has to see you and that person loving each hurts my heart beyond bearing/endurance.

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Jun 27 13 6:29 AM

twilighsky wrote:
Thank you!! By the way I did look it up on the lyrics translation site but they didn't have it.
I translated the whole song a couple of months ago so I'm glad to see that I didn't do too many mistakes. I see that I misunderstood the person who has the unrequited love, so it's the singer who loves her male friend. But...what about the "thoe" (เธอ) ? The singer says it in the first sentence so I guessed that's what confused me. thoe means "she" and "you" for men?
Anyway, your version makes more sense because I didn't really get why a girl would make a song about being so devasted about her friend's unrequited love lol Thank you again!

I like those songs from 25 hours too!

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Jun 27 13 10:27 AM

เธอ is 'you' but it can sometimes be 'her' depending in context; but as a 'you' it can be female or male. So the singer is saying that she loves 'เธอ' or 'you' aka the friend (can be either male or female) but this friend is in love with เขา 'him or her' and is later refer to as the other person etc.

So if we can by the Thai language, it doesn't fixate the sex of this friend or the person the friend loves. It's left for the listener to interpret as they want, making the song more personal. It can be the singer is in love with a male or female friend who is in love with someone else.

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Jun 29 13 10:16 AM

It's not very common, it's a beautiful language though ^^ Back on topic, I love Da Endorphine's and Palmy's voices! So clear and powerful. They shine. They both sound great on stage too. Too bad the guys are not outstanding to me but they're good too. My favourite song of Palmy is  I also like this song from No More Tear, their album was released this year I think: Not a band I follow but they're cool enough sometimes.

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Jul 1 13 9:45 PM

It's interesting to hear you say you prefer Thai female singer's voices when in Thailand, there is a general agreement that actually,it's the Thai guys are better singers. The most popular and #1 male singer in Thailand since the 90's is Bird Thongchai - I might be bias here because I'm a big fan of Bodyslam but Toon [lead singer] is known for his vocals [his voice live is just like this - I was there at this concert] - Dan - WD - is a well known actor but actually, he is also a good vocalist and is very popular - Calories Blah Blah's Pop has an great voice - I only like a few songs from No More Tears. Da Endorphine and Palmy are both OK.

Last Edited By: twilightsky Jul 1 13 10:00 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Jul 5 13 6:22 AM

Really? I guess I'm either too picky or my Westerness makes it more difficult for me to appreciate some Thai voices as much as I could if I were fluent. I'm also a "RnB/hip hop head", I love passionate/strong voices as well as unusual colors or tones like some white folk/pop singers have. Thai men sound sweet and soothing but I still don't click. I tend to prefer rockers (with rock voices) and emotional ones regardless of genre.

I kinda like the 1st singer's voice, i usually like Bodyslam's songs but don't really pay attention to Toon's voice. The last one is good too.

Arrgh, my pc is bugging so much, so frustrating >.

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