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Oct 19 12 2:05 PM

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Does anyone know where I could download Thai pop from a blog or site? I came across some really good Thai groups and artist that I really want to try their album out. If any of you are interested try listening to P.O.I and Girly Berry, really loving them!
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Oct 20 12 2:44 PM

I never listened to them. I don't know many thai artists. But, I really like Golf ^^
Sometimes I get stuff from here . This one has a few albums, not many :

I know you didn't ask from lyrics/ translation, but this site is nice:
And there is a thai music forum called i think the links are kinda of old in the audio section.

I'll try to listen to Girly Berry later.

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Oct 21 12 5:14 PM

Girly Berry are so untalented that they are endearing, plus they're sluttish party girls. Their first album especially is craptacular. I love it!
Gybzy is quite the hottie too.

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Oct 21 12 7:15 PM

Thanks for the websites Nanda, I will be sure to look them up! I really appreciate this, it was so hard for me to find anything other then their music videos on YouTube!

Really PurpleS? I love their three songs I heard (especially Featuring!) I cant wait to download their music, I really love Belle!

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Nov 12 12 5:31 AM

Oh a new Thai pop thread. I would make a thread but I'm too busy with work etc.

It's really hard for foreign fans because most Thai music stuff online are on Thai language sites. Like this one --- it's an online chart - top 20 of the most current popular songs at the moment etc.

Girly Berry are not really taken seriously as musicians -- pure eye candy lol and POI has not yet achieved her 'break through' to be a successful artist yet. 

Also, Thai music is very 'cheap' as in price -- compared to other countries. One full original album is about 160 - 200 Thb [30 thb = 1 us dollar] but many people buy mp3 from the black market -- which is why you don't find much online. If you want to look for Thai music for download you'll have to know the name of artist and album in Thai to google it etc. 

If I can try to help you guys if you need something...

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Nov 13 12 3:37 AM

I love Girly Berry! But I only have the single for Featuring. I really want to get their whole discography but it is like almost impossible to find it anywhere. Do you think you could help me?

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Nov 13 12 8:18 AM

Have you tried --- ; they sell Thai music and it includes shipping and handling.

I don't think they have an album since 2009 -- all working separately on drama and solo stuff.... I could be wrong though.

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Nov 14 12 12:27 AM

I wish they had an online shop... But I guess this is better than not having any at all!

Anyway to see the complete discography in chronological order?

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Nov 14 12 2:53 AM

Girly Berry are with the music company call RS Promotions in Thailand. 

News page about the group but in Thai:

I found this page that may give you some earlier data/discography on the group: 

Lastly, Giftza was sentence for drunk driving recently and thus, activities have been suspended for a while. The news in English:

I can't help much since I'm not a fan but I hope this helps.

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Nov 14 12 1:57 PM

I've heard all the Girly Berry stuff except for their last album, and I'd say besides the first album for its silly fun sound, I'd say the third album with the hit "Gossip" and their second ep called See Through are the stuff I'd still spin if I was in the mood for their stuff. I like them for their sheer campiness and partying ways more than anything else...Gossip's pretty sweet though. I got their stuff through that ethaicd site and never had issues at all.

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Nov 14 12 10:55 PM

Mitsu, she won't serve the full two years. It's the fine, community service and PUBLIC embarrassment; she really did it to herself by speaking to journalist/media while she was drunk etc.

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Nov 14 12 11:30 PM

Oh ok! I hope this will go over soon and wont make the public ridicule her and am hoping for her to return with brand new music with the band (a mini album or album next year would be great).

I am trying to get as much of their music in HQ (320) as I can and I just came across the last single before "Featuring" (He's Mine) as well as the two subunits they did with "Need You Right Now" and "I Like That Boy" really loving all three of these songs, as well as the music video for them each! Belle has got to be my favorite member. Now, I need to try and find the "See Through" mini album.

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Nov 15 12 12:58 AM

Thats really great to hear! I am really thankful that you know so much cause I was at such a loss of what to do.

Any other bands/artist you recommend that give off a vibe like Korea's After School or Japan's Koda Kumi? Cause I love the whole sexy image thing, maybe thats why I love Girly Berry lol.

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Nov 15 12 2:49 AM

I have to say that since I am a bit older - I am not up to date with new Thai artist unless they've made it big or gone mainstream. Off the top of my head, the #1 sexy music diva in Thailand remains Tata Young - but she's not release much due to illness [thyroid - making her gain lots of weight] - You have heard of her? She sings both in Thai and English. Here's a good song that no MV was made - Mila mila:

Youtube the following songs: Dhoom Dhoom, El Nin Yo etc.

It's kinda hard because many people can do the 'sexy' but then can't sing...etc. New girl groups lately are the sugar 'cutesy' kawaii type -- don't think you would like.

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#16 post_url

Nov 15 12 2:02 PM

Thanks for the tip! Will have a look at them!

Just got a hold of almost all of Girly Berry discography (had to do a Google search in Thai and it took so long to find them!) but the only thing about it is now I need to find covers that are HQ...god I hate to be such a perfectionist...

And also I need translations for their songs in Thai...but I dont really trust Google Translate...

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Nov 16 12 12:19 PM

I actually have a friend who has translated them all for me!

I really love the song "Tum Tom" its so wild and fun! Also, I think I might need to write to eThaiCD to ask them when they will get shipment of their albums again.

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#20 post_url

May 6 13 1:24 PM

There is a guy named Timethai, he is awesome!!! coolstorybro

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