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Jun 3 13 5:00 PM

Sounds good to me! This might actually be the song that makes me a fan.

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Jun 5 13 2:29 AM

I would have prefered another hot dance track, but if she's going to do a slower tempo song, I'm glad it sounds like this. Still has a beat, isn't too sappy for me. Glad to hear from her again.

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Jun 7 13 7:42 AM

boooh I was expecting a hot dance track too. specially when they said that it's gonna be a dance single lol

the single is good, but i like it more for the MV post-production lol simple but beautiful ♥

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Posts: 2,657 Mohtorboat

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Feb 26 15 12:40 AM

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Feb 12 16 9:47 PM

How am I only now finding out about this song? They need to expose her better. Had it not been for Hyuna showing a screenshot of what she was listening to on her phone, I would have never known this song came out. O_O

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Sep 26 16 7:54 PM

Wow that song sucks Who would approve this as a single?

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