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Apr 19 13 3:23 PM

Woohoo! Yet another one of my artists is coming back in May! May is going to be so great! Thanks so much for the tip 2D!

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Apr 29 13 10:12 AM

haha yay you're welcome <33

areiacreations is who did the tittle track (so we can expect another european vibe song i guess yay)
and today he posted this

A cut from Andamiro's comeback song CD cover... that's all that I'm allowed to put out for the moment. More within May! Areiacreations first official original KPOP song GO GO GO.


nothing much but at least we know the colors of the cover lol

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Apr 29 13 1:15 PM

I am just so glad to see her again cause I didnt think we would be seeing her for awhile now, you know how it is with solo artists in K-Pop, they take FOREVER to FINALLY comeback lol

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May 2 13 6:40 PM

^ I guess thats true lol, I just hope she gets more consistent with releases. I mean Sep 2012 to May 2013 wait isnt that long, compared with other solos who take so long to come back.

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May 2 13 6:57 PM

ooh the single is digital but a few physical copies will be avaliable only at areiacreations shop

You will be able to get a copy of the CD for a low price ONLY from areiashop as we are the exclusive distributor of this low in number print.

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May 2 13 9:13 PM

Hmm! I think I might buy it...I only buy physical copies of artist that I like (and in K-Pop it is AFTERSCHOOL, NUEST, Hello Venus, 4minute, Brave Girls and SISTAR) I guess shes going to be my next K-Pop artist to get everything from.

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May 24 13 4:09 PM

ah yes, I didn't rembember to post it! just today trophy ent. twitted that the comeback is delayed to the first week of june! they say that the MV it's still under post-production >.

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Jun 3 13 1:52 PM

Same, I was expecting an uptempo song and not a slow-midtempo song.

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