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Sep 28 12 10:00 PM

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ANDA (안다) is a Korean singer signed under the label Emperor Entertainment

On April 20 2012, she released her first debut single "말고 (Do Not Ask)" under her stage name ANDAMIRO. On September 20 2012, she released her first mini album and its lead single "HYPNOTIZE" and on June 5 2013, she released her second single "WAITING." In 2014, Trophy Entertainment ceased production. In 2015, she was signed under her new label Emperor Entertainment. On February 26 2015, she released her third single  "S대는 갔을텐데 (Mastering That Spot)" under her new stage name ANDA. On June 4 2015, she released her fourth single "TOUCH" and on January 7 2016, she released her fifth single "TAXI."


Digital Singles

(09.21.2016) Like Family

(01.07.2016) TAXI

(06.04.2015) TOUCH

(02.26.2015) S대는 갔을텐데 (Mastering That Spot)

(06.05.2013) Waiting

(04.20.2012) 말고 (Do Not Ask)

Mini Albums

(09.02.2012) HYPNOTIZE

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#4 post_url

Oct 15 12 11:30 PM

Sorry mitsuhoney! I'm mostly a lurker but I've watched all the videos you've posted here. E9016b63bb498b99cde139a855d3294f5539176d_r I really love her dance songs. Not every song on her mini, but enough to make me keep an eye on her.
Now that I hear Hypnotize in Spanish, it seems like something that would easily fit on the Spanish radio stations where I live (northern California), oddly enough.

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#8 post_url

Dec 12 12 5:19 PM

^ Hahaha she was really nice and cute! And she's tall! (I read on her FB page that her height is 1,71cm, which is very tall for a girl, and even more for an Asian girl) But I'm very tall as well, so she may look short here And I could grab her waist for this pic... hur hur hur

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#10 post_url

Dec 12 12 6:11 PM

Yeah, I'm from Spain She came here for interviews and other stuff; besides part of her team (her label I believe) is Spanish, so I guess she gotta come here from time to time? Dunno hehe. She had an interview for a famous radio/TV channel, so we went there and although a fan meeting wasn't planned, she came out and took pics with us and signed autographs and such ^_^

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#11 post_url

Dec 13 12 3:18 AM

I think that's the cutest picture I've seen of her - her photo shoots have been ok but maybe too much makeup, I think she looks so much cuter here!

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#13 post_url

Dec 16 12 11:07 AM

^^^ That's great! I wish she was more famous here. Her music definitely has an European sound and people there should like her!

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#15 post_url

Mar 2 13 6:25 PM

doublepost with +1month diference

they released a new official version of Hipnotize, it's not a simple remix since they changed a lot and even the notes.

it's sooo col!

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#17 post_url

Mar 2 13 9:27 PM

ah don't worry! they're working on her new mini now! by now we have 3 songs confirmed.

the greek Areia (the one who did the Balkan mix of Hypnotize) is doing an original song for her.
also she recorded a ballad by the spanish ent Ingeniomedia and a R&B song by the american Levit Kenneth--

they also say there will be dance, and latin house tracks.

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#18 post_url

Mar 2 13 9:47 PM

Oh my! Thats great news! Thanks so much for that information! This means we could be expecting a new mini very soon! Yay! I am so happy right now!

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