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Feb 12 15 10:07 AM

I must admit I was very pessimistic about this album but it turned out better than expected. I still like their rock side more but this isn't a bad mix of both. Not a big fan of Paper Planes though, uhg.
Also, I'm surprised no DVD/BD of their stadium live has been released even after it being shown on TV, weird...

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Feb 21 15 9:11 PM

twilightsky wrote:
Their official FB page says they've gone #1 on iTunes in 5 countries. So happy for them (^.^)

#1 on Oricon weekly chart with 165k!! Their first time at #1 too.

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Dec 4 15 8:30 AM

ONE OK ROCK is coming to Singapore this January for their concert.

Well, I haven't listened to any of their songs before, but would definitely wanna check them out and attend their concert.
Any recommendations for starters?

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Dec 4 15 2:20 PM

Their latest album is more... generic? or casual. They have become very influenced by american music :/ (it was also released in full english in america so that might have something to do).

Their earlier albums are much better.

Some of my favorite songs: Never let this go, Wherever you are, Kanzen kankaku dreamer, CHAOSMYTH...

I'm sure you'll have fun eitherway, they know how to put on a show

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Dec 5 15 10:47 PM

^ Thanks for the recommendation! I youtubed them and liked what I heard so far - Wherever you are, the beginning, Deeper Deeper, Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer etc
What I am surprised is that the vocalist has quite a great grasp of English. His pronouciation is spot on, and he could pretty well sing.
Guess they're on my 'to watch' list!

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