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Aug 8 13 10:01 AM

Kisekisan wrote:
Hi everyone! I've been listening to these guys for a while now and I'm kind of addicted to their music! I accidentally came across one of their videos (the PV for Deeper Deeper, if my memory serves me correctly) the other day and I immediately fell in love with the band. Their songs are really catchy, so it didn't really take me long to get used to them. That's why J-pop artists should promote their videos on the Internet (instead of trying to prevent fans from uploading them), that way it's much easier for us to discover new artists! Besides, the fact that they speak English also makes it easier for me to identify with their messages. 

From what I've read, they've already released 6 albums + a large bunch of singles... I've already downloaded their latest album (which was pretty decent, I could've done without certain tracks - All Mine, 69 -, but other than that I really liked it as a whole). Which one should I download next? Any suggestions? 

Even though I thought Jinsei x Boku = is a great album, I generally prefer their older material. Kanjou Effect or Beam of Light are probably my favourites!

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Aug 8 13 9:33 PM

I've been a fan of them since 2006, I recommend you check out their early EPs and first few albums, well actually all of their disco..... it's all good and you can hear/experience how the band has grown/evolved.

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Sep 23 13 10:23 AM

OOR announced they will be coming to USA for the first time in February 2014. The dates are February 7th at Club Nokia, Los Angeles and February 9th at Best Buy Theater, New York.

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Nov 18 13 5:33 AM

The band just arrived to Bangkok for tomorrow's concert; giving interviews to the media and I will report back after the concert. (^.^) So excited!

After the concert: pretty much the same setlist as the other 'Who are we? Who are you?' lives. 
It was sooooooooooooo much fun! They perform with such energy and just simply awesome live performers. The energetic vibe also came from the Thai fans and everyone had such a blast, everyone was bopping/jumping/singing non-stop. Although this live is not as long as their Japanese ones, it only took about 1:30 minutes etc., everyone in the audience was really worn out by the time the concert was over [after the concert was so funny because it looked like we all ran a marathon, plastered with sweat and everyone was soooooooo hungry!]

Taka's voice was excellent, Toru and Tomoya's guitar solo during the middle of the concert was a highlight for me -- it was mesmerizing! So many of their songs translated well into live performances.
Taka spoke the most in English to the fans but at one point, all the band members introduced themselves in THAI and said a few things about Thailand that they loved. It was funny because Toru's Thai was not clear enough and the crowd was like HUH? and he tried again and it was quite endearing. A fan made Toru a Thai kickboxer short and it put it on after the show on stage - it was very funny and sweet. 
I think the band themselves were quite impressed with Thai fans -- they promised to return - so great for us.
All in all, highly recommend to any fans -- they are awesome and you won't regret going to the show.

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Mar 14 14 10:01 AM

Any idea what it can be? I'd be surprised if it's an album since there's been no singles and they have been bussy touring but that would be awesome... I wouldn't mind them coming back to Europe either, specially if it's during the last quarter of the year

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Mar 18 14 11:12 PM

So FOOL COOL ROCK is a Documentary film!! Teaser here:

I wish I had attended the London live now T_T I had a ticket but studies prevented me from making the trip to London...

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May 1 14 11:06 AM


OOR will be doing the theme song for the Rurouni Kenshin sequel.

Song is titled "Mighty Long Fall"

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Aug 12 14 10:15 AM


Yay!!! Missed it last time even though I had a ticket for the London live Don't get why they are having 5 lives in Germany though lol, none in Spain so I'll have to try and go to London once again.

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Dec 17 14 11:21 AM


New Album

ONE OK ROCK「35xxxv(limited edition)」
[CD+DVD] 2015/02/11 3402円 A-Sketch AZZS-29

ONE OK ROCK「35xxxv(regular edition)」
[CD] 2015/02/11 2916円 A-Sketch AZCS-1041

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Feb 10 15 9:15 PM

It's been so quiet here. So what are thoughts on the new album 35xxxv? I'm looping it now and it's a bit different and shows their continuous willingness to try new sounds. One day I just do all 7 album marathon and see how they've evolved.

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Feb 10 15 11:43 PM

I think my favourite album track so far is Memories. Another solid album; makes me miss the times when rock music was still the mainstream in North America. 35xxxv was definitely a natural progression from Jinsei X Boku imo. A surprise though for me was Paper Planes, didn't think that sound was something ONE OK ROCK would try out, but it turned out good. I also think this album was another step closer to a more pop-sounding pop-rock sound for the band compared to their older albums which had a stronger rock sound imo.

Last Edited By: blue490246 Feb 10 15 11:47 PM. Edited 2 times.

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Feb 11 15 12:23 AM

I agree re more pop-sound rock vs a more traditional rock sound but I think this genre mixing is the way to go. I'm also surprised re Paper Planes - a definite standout and such a new sound for them. 3xxxv5 is such a great opening track - really love it; the 2:04 mark in Take Me To The Top is instant love. I think the album also shows a balance approach to expanding their sounds to international fans [thus all the English] while keeping older + Japanese fans happy, since some songs have their trademark sounds. I also immediately loved Memories, Heartache and Fight the Night. An solid album with strong tracks. It may overtake some older albums as a favorite.

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