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Sep 27 12 2:13 PM

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ONE OK ROCK is a Japanese rock band signed to A-Sketch and managed by AMUSE. The origin of the group's name is from the time they would always book the recording studio; the pronunciation of ONE OK ROCK is wanokurokku (ワンオクロック) which sounds like one o'clock.

The band formed in summer 2005 with Toru, Alex, Ryota, and Tomo. Later, Taka joined and they focused on performing lives in the Tokyo area. In 2006, Tomo left the band to pursue a career in acting. Not long after, the band independently released two mini-albums. Because of their mini-album sales, their participation at summer festivals, and their lives in the outskirts of Tokyo, they were signed to A-Sketch. In March 2007, Tomoya officially joined the group and the five-person band made their major debut by releasing their first single, "Naihi Shinsho", on April 25th.

In April 2009, Alex was arrested due to sexual harassment, causing the cancel of the band's upcoming single, "Around the world Shounen", its drama tie-in with GODHAND TERU, and their 2009 tour. Following the scandal, the band revealed that Alex was officially no longer a part of the band.

ONE OK ROCK continued as a four-member group and made a comeback with a live concert tour that started on September 5, 2009, titled Overcome Emotion. Their first release afterwards was their fourth single, "Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer", on February 3, 2010. The band followed up with their fourth album, Niche Syndrome, which was released on June 9.


Taka - Vocals
Full Name: Moriuchi Takahiro (
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Birthdate: April 17, 1988

Toru - Vocals, Guitar
Full Name: Yamashita Toru (
Hometown: Osaka, Japan
Birthdate: July 12, 1988

Ryota - Bass
Full Name: Kohama Ryota (
Hometown: Osaka, Japan
Birthdate: September 04, 1989

Tomoya - Drums
Full Name: Kanki Tomoya (
Hometown: Hyogo, Japan
Birthdate: June 27, 1987


[2007.04.25] Naihi Shinsho (
内秘心書; I Keep It Inside) (Oricon #48)
[2007.07.25] Yume Yume (
努努-ゆめゆめ-; Dream Dream) (Oricon #43)
[2007.10.24] Etcetera (
エトセトラ) (Oricon #29)
[2010.02.03] Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer (
完全感覚Dreamer; Perfect Sensation Dreamer) (Oricon #9)
[2011.02.16] Answer is Near (
アンサイズニア) (Oricon #6)
[2011.07.20] Re:make / NO SCARED
(Oricon #6)
[2012.08.22] The Beginning
(Oricon #5)
[2013.01.09] Deeper Deeper / Nothing Helps (Oricon #2)
[2014.07.30] Mighty Long Fall / Decision (Oricon #2)

Mini Albums:
[2006.07.26] ONE OK ROCK
[2006.12.16] Keep it real
(Oricon #102)

[2007.11.21] Zeitakubyou (
ゼイタクビョウ; Luxury Criticism) (Oricon #15)
[2008.05.28] BEAM OF LIGHT
(Oricon #17)
[2008.11.12] Kanjou Effect (
感情エフェクト; Emotion Effect) (Oricon #13)
[2010.06.09] Niche Syndrome (Niche
シンドローム) (Oricon #4)
[2011.10.05] Zankyo Reference (
残響リファレンス; Echo Reference) (Oricon #2)
[2013.03.06] Jinsei Kakete Boku wa (人生×僕=I × life =(Oricon #2)
[2015.02.11] 35xxxv
(Oricon #1)


[2008.03.19] LIVE DVD "Yononaka Shredder" (LIVE DVD "
世の中シュレッダー"; Society Shredder) (Oricon #60)
[2011.02.16] THIS IS MY BUDOKAN?! 2010.11.28
(Oricon #2)
[2012.05.30] "Zankyo Reference" TOUR in YOKOHAMA ARENA ("
残響リファレンス" TOUR in YOKOHAMA ARENA) (Oricon #3)

[2011.05.25] Team Amuse!! - "Let's try again"
[2012.04.04] NEVERMIND TRIBUTE (#1 "Smells Like Teen Spirit")

» "Naihi Shinsho" was used as the ending theme song for TV programs Super Chample, Itadaki Massuru! and Ranncyuu.
» "Yume Yume" was used as the opening theme song for TV program Myupara Tokku.
» "Etcetera" was used as the ending theme song for TV program Super Chample.
"Koi no Aibou no Kokoro no Cupid" was used as the ending theme song for the TV programs Arabikidan and Break Point!.
» "Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer" was used as the ending theme song for the TV program Arabikidan.
» "NO SCARED" was used as the theme song for the Black Rock Shooter PSP game.
» "The Beginning" was used as the theme song for the Rurouni Kenshin live action film.
» "Deeper Deeper" was used as the commercial song for Suzuki's Swift Sport.
» "Nothing Helps" was used as the theme song for the video game DmC Devil May Cry.
» "Mighty Long Fall" was used as the theme song for the live-action film Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Taika-hen.
» "Decision" was used as the theme song for the "FOOL COOL ROCK! ONE OK ROCK DOCUMENTARY FILM.
» "Heartache" was used as the theme song for the live-action film Rurouni Kenshin: Densetsu no Saigo-hen.

OOR's official website

OOR’s official youtube channel
OOR’s official AMUSE profile


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Sep 27 12 2:17 PM


『DmC デビル メイ クライ』のイメージソングを担当することが決定!【NEW】

2012.09.21 posted

PS3/Xbox 360用ソフト「DmC Devil May Cry」イメージソングを担当する事が決定。

OOR will be responsible for the image song for "DmC Devil May Cry" video game for the PS3 and Xbox 360

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#5 post_url

Oct 1 12 3:36 AM

I join in to say thanks. I really love The Beginning as a single and look forward their new song. They keep getting better. Also picked up the latest album while in Japan along with The Beginning.

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#6 post_url

Oct 2 12 10:33 AM

Thanks for making the thread! Their popularity is getting bigger and bigger with each release, and I'm glad for them.

Won't lie I liked their Zeitakubyou / Kanjou Effect material so much better than their Zankyou Reference material, though. Yume Yume and Koi no Aibou Kokoro no Kupido are some of my all-time J-Rock favourites, whereas Answer, Re:make and The Beginning all feel a bit generic to me. Always looking forward to new releases, though!

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#8 post_url

Oct 24 12 11:28 AM

Tickets on sale
◆ acceptance period
(Thu) 12:00 - 19:00 13:00,16:00 October 25, 2012
※ upon reaching the number of tickets the reception will end.

[ONE OK ROCK 2012 "The Beginning" TOUR]
◆ Date: 25 October 2012 18:00 / Doors (Thu) 19:00
※ No tickets will be sold for performances on Wednesday, October 24.
◆ Venue: BLITZ Yokohama
◆ ticket price tickets: ※ drink another generation (including tax) ¥ 4,800
◆ Limit Copies: Up to two tickets per person


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#10 post_url

Dec 5 12 11:38 AM

New single title "Deeper Deeper / Nothing Helps"


01. Deeper Deeper
02. Nothing Helps ("DmC Devil May Cry" image song)
03. Kasabuta (カサブタ; Scar)

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#14 post_url

Jan 7 13 1:53 PM

The PV is quite cool, but I don't understand why they used voice effects/autotune/whatever... I guess it fits the theme or something but Taka's vocals are already really good so this kind of hurts the song a bit >.<

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#17 post_url

Feb 6 13 6:00 AM


01. Introduction ~Where idiot should go~
02. Ending Story??
03. ONION!
04. The Beginning
05. Clock Strikes
06. Be the light
07. Nothing Helps
08. Juvenile
09. All Mine
10. Smiling down
11. Deeper Deeper
12. 69
13. the same as...

The DVD contains a documentary movie of studio jam session of "The Beginning" and "the same as..."

Promo pic

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#20 post_url

Feb 28 13 5:46 AM

Not liking Clock Strikes too much (it's nice though), but I loved Deeper Deeper so much that I'm definitely looking forward to the album...

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