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Nov 22 16 4:58 AM

Interesting title choice, same with the jackets and everything.
Is she officially done with her cello as part of her image?

Anyway, the songs sounded really really good!
Can't believe we are finally getting Odette, even if the vocals sound more modern (less in tune) than I'd think they were in the original version made several years ago.
Love your enemies sounds like the worst track, but I honestly love how all of the others sound.

Will be getting this eventually!

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Nov 23 16 3:05 AM

She still had it in the Love Your Enemies single cover, but yeah you're right, it's not as constant as when she debuted. Then again, a cello is pretty heavy to be lugging around literally everywhere lolol

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Nov 23 16 1:27 PM

Love your enemies is ma favourite single from this album. Love that song! From the previews Heibon na Boku and Drink Drunk Music sound fantastic, but even the rest sounds better than most singles. Really looking forward!

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Dec 17 16 3:40 AM

Just got the album finally!!!!

About to listen... To anyone following this thread anymore though;
Does anyone have a list of songs they wish were officially released that never were
Personally, I still REALLY want Yoake and Ai no Aisatsu... Yoake especially sounded absolutely gorgeous.
I also want the originally more rock, in tune version of Mujuuryuku, but that's not happening haha...

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Dec 22 16 1:01 PM

Unbalance by Me: 4/5
The Beast can't be stopped: 5/5
odette: 5/5
Heibon na Boku: 5/5
Not for sale fossil: 5/5
Kimi wa soleil: 5/5
Drink Drunk Music: 3/5
Love your enemies: 4/5
Luminescence Q.E.D: 4/5

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