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Nov 30 14 9:21 AM

I am worried now with the delays in things. Makes me less hopeful aboot the album.

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Nov 30 14 9:36 AM

SekopeKepu wrote:
I am worried now with the delays in things. Makes me less hopeful aboot the album.

It took a long time for her to become a producer. And she did become a producer since her last single.
Yes, this album is totally produced by Kanon Wakeshima.

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Jan 2 15 8:55 AM









This is my rough translation:

Happy New Year.

It's 2015.

This year, an album will be released after 5 years.

I let you wait for a very, very long time.

I compose songs, write lyrics, design clothings.

This album has 6 new songs beside anime songs. They are the songs I revealed in live shows and the songs written for this album.

About arrangement, there are amazing creators and gorgeous musicians.

Please check it!

And, in the beginning of the spring, I will have an album live tour in Osaka and Tokyo. Please enjoy it.

I'm thinking about many things in year 2015, I will bring you music as well as affluent dressing.

Thank you very much for this year!

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Jan 16 15 8:13 AM

New album


The album set


Limited Edition


Regular Edition


Track list

1.killy killy JOKER 
(TVアニメ「selector infected WIXOSS」OPテーマ)
(TVアニメ「To LOVEる-とらぶる-ダークネス」EDテーマ)
9.ナイチンゲール's end, girl's rondo 
(TVアニメ「selector spread WIXOSS」OPテーマ)

Blu-ray disc
・signal  Music Video
・killy killy JOKER  Music Video
・world's end,girl's rondo  Music Video
・ツキナミ  Music Video

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Jan 19 15 2:26 AM

Romaji tracklist
1. killy killy JOKER
2. Tsukinami
3. Sansukumi
4. Chocolate
5. signal 
6. Foul Play ni Kurari
7. Sakura Meikyuu
8. Geijutsuka no Kawii Souzoutachi
9. Nightingale
10. world's end, girl's rondo 
11. Monster Star

I'm surprised that we got so many new songs. The packaging looks so cute!! I'm also super glad she has an illustrated album cover too. Man, I really need to catch up; haven't listened to any of the singles after Foul Play / Sakura urghh

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Jan 28 15 2:52 AM

Oh wow, i actually REALLY like Tsukinami so far! It sounds better than the rest of the songs we got this era. This might be the music Kanon was born to make. Neoclassical Anime music really works for her.

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Feb 1 15 12:33 AM

They did not state it clearly but I think you can have it if you buy it soon (or pre-order it).
I bought her previous two singles on CDJapan and always received the posters.

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Feb 1 15 3:58 AM

I'll have to check and see if CDJ has it listed then. I do remember getting a poster with my LOLITAWORK LIBRETTO album, so there's probably a good chance I can get it from there. Oh, and I have points I can use!

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#540 post_url

Feb 5 15 11:23 PM

Wow, it's sold out on Yesasia too! I just checked there. Your best bet would be probably to wait until after it's released and see if anyone sells it on eBay? I'm glad I managed to preorder it after seeing all that's offered ;A;

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