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Oct 22 14 9:27 AM

I just looked, and it's also her biggest weekly sales ever. I hope she releases an album right after this! January or February release, please.

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Oct 22 14 11:09 AM

otenkiame wrote:
I just looked, and it's also her biggest weekly sales ever. I hope she releases an album right after this! January or February release, please.
Where did you read it? smiley: wink

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Nov 16 14 5:41 AM

An interview with Kanon Wakeshima in Mexico:

Thanks to Matías Andrés for your translation!

 -How does you feel about your career. If you feel that u have grown up as a musician since 2008?
She feels, like, at the beginning she had worked for a label(defstar..), the she has worked alone, composing her own songs, and the last chapter of her car
eer, and most recent one, is about writing for anime series.

-What´s her experience of listening her songs in anime series like Strike Blood or VAMPIRE kNIGHT
She said that she loves to compose for a serie(anime in this case), because you have to learn everything about the anime in order to compose the song in particular. There is a narrative challenging going on that she has to look specially.
-Why the cello? 
She said, that her father loves classical music, and before she was born, her parents previously decided that they son was going to be cellist like it or not haha

-Another question was, if there´s any musical genre that she hasnt done yet and if there´s one in particular that she wants to do?
She said, that, at the beginning, she has been doing more string oriented music, then she started to compose music for a band format. Doing wind instrument arrangements, looking for another rithm formulas, and genres like the Jazz or rock.

-Has she ever visited Mexico?
No, but she loved the city and the weather

-How was her approach to the lolita style?
Her label defstar..introduced her the lolita´s world. Because they thought, that, this kind of style, could represent the music that she was doing at that time and could collaborate with the transmition of her message too. With the time, she started to lose this style and she learned to make her own productions, drawing the costume of the live format and videos too, and now she`s more into the kawaii style but she shares the lolita image in part 

-Somebody asked her about her definiton of "Dark cabaret" music style that identifiy her first period of her music career(i mean cds and videos). But she said that she didnt know about this terminology, and in Japan its not well known. 
-About her muse, the person(s) who inspired her.
She said, her master of cello is the person who inspired her.

-Is she planning to return to Mexico any time soon?
She said, no. But if ther´s an opportunity, she would come for sure
-About her participation in Halloween orchestra.
She said that like 5 yers ago, she was doing a performance in an anime exposition in EEUU. In there, she was approached by the Vamps. They asked for collaboration in a cd of them, so she played a song with cello. So, years later, she made her participation in the Halloween PARTY and now everytime that there´s an event, she´s is part of it.
-if there was going to be a surprise in the mexico performance? she said that she was going to play a never-seen-video, during the performance.
-Whats the message that she wants to transmit with her music?
she said that because the japanese language presents a lot of complications when it comes to the understanding, she works more in the melodies. She said, that, she looks for melodies easy to remember, the ones who gets sticky in your head, because of the limits of the language itself( i suppose this is for the no japanese speakers)
-About World ends girl rondo
She composed the song, based on the guilty and darkness that the anime shows, because its the feeling that the characters feels during the anime. The fate, the fear, the anxiety, and then the hope for reach the goals and recover the strength to reach the happiness its the key of the song.
What are the elements that she uses to make music with her cello( feelings, images, society, etc)
She said that when she compose songs for anime, she learn a lot of the story, character..and then she uses this to write her music

-if she has the possibility to work with someone... 
she said, that, she has worked with someone before, with the An Cafe bassist. But she prefers working alone 

-somebody asked her to sing in spanish, and she said that would love it! then she replied if there´s any particular song...then everybody laughted by the way

-Next question was, if she feels that there`s one song in her catalog that represents her the most. She said, Pinocchio. Because when she wrote this, she was having a dark time, feeling fear of her possibilities, feeling unconfidential with herself, she said that she saw herself crashing into a wall. So she wrote this, to remember herself, that she´s surrounded by friends and people who love her and give her the support that she needs.
-if she wouldnt be musician, what profession she could have?
she said, painter because she loves drawing
-A quesion about her goal as a singer
She mentioned, that she feels being in the middle of her career. She feels like her goal is to be more popular in Japan and in the world. If she could deliver all her music to many people as she can, she will be more happy

-Whats her fav cd of her catalog? 
she said, that she have 2 cds only, that she hopes to do the best for her 3 cd, so this next one could be her best one

-What`s her musical inspiration in Japan and globally?
She said that there`s a lot in japan so she couldn`t pick one. In England, there`s Alfonso Muchard (?)and Puñeradine (? ) and Jaqui Du Pre
in France Emilie Simon 
-The best experience with a fan?
She said that her fans sends her a lot of hand written letters, and she loves it because this shows the love of the people and this inspires her music
-What things of her daily life does she miss(house, family, personal stuff..) when she is touring?
She said that you must make an space in your schedule to enjoy doing things with your family, house, personal time, to avoid to have any illness. So im always respecting my life, so i do yoga, i love stay with friends, and enjoy free time


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Nov 28 14 2:16 PM

Oh my gosh, YES!

SOOO hyped!!

I know Killy Killy + World's end will be on the album. I hope Meikyuu and Foul play make it, but not signal.. (though i figure they will because its a single) and 12+ tracks is a must, lol. If they used any B-side, use Mujuuryoku please xD

Really praying its mostly new songs since we already know PROBABLY 5. Also super excited for the aesthetic direction that this album will go. I think with her recentl single sales shes guaranteed to outsell Lolitawork Libretto and hopefully shinshoku dolce (only sold ~3k)

This is such great news though., I'm going to pre-order as soon as I can.

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Nov 28 14 7:18 PM


Foul Play ni Kurari
Sakura Meikyuu
killy killy JOKER
word's end, girl's rondo
Sansukumi (new song)
Chocolate (new song)
Nightingale (new song)
Geijutsuka no kawaī souzou-tachi (new song)
Monster Star (new song)
Tsukinami (new song)

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Nov 30 14 7:13 AM

One thing we can be sure is that Sansukumi and Geizutsuka no kawaii souzoutachi are arranged in jazz style, and Chocolate is classic style, and Nightingale is rock style.
Here is the video recorded at Sakura-con 2010. You can watch her performace at 9:45

I'm little disappointed that we don't have odette, Yoake and Ai no Aisatsu this time.
Maybe they just don't fit the album's theme.
Tsukinami = Mediocrity smiley: eek
All we can do is to wait and hope that she will release a new single next year! smiley: smile

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Nov 30 14 8:38 AM

Could it be that the tracklist isn't final yet? There could be other songs added, I guess. Though, if not, it does seem short.

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