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Jun 16 11 8:55 AM

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8rd single

Kimi wa Soleil

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Regular Edition, Limited Edition

1. Kimi wa Soleil
2. Princess Charleston
3. Kimi wa Soleil - instrumental -
4. Princess Charleston -instrumental -

Year 2015
12.01 New single "Kimi wa Soleil" updated
02.28 New single "RIGHT LIGHT RISE" updated --> here
02.13 3rd album updated

Year 2014
09.21 Covers of new single revealed!
08.29 Title of the new single is "world's end, girl's rondo" --> here
08.08 Kanon's new single - concept live - event updated.
04.30 New live moonlight party ~ultraMarine~ on August 8th.
03.01 New single on April 30th 2014
02.13 Her new single "signal" available on iTunes!! --> here
Kanon will sing the opening theme for anime selector infected WIXOSS
01.10 Studio Musix in February

Year 2013
12.08 New single!! "signal" on Feb 19th 2014
10.13 Kanon will perform song "Beauty & Stupid" of hide.
09.14 Return of the concept live "The strange treat!"
09.12 Kanon will attend Halloween Party 2013
07.01 Kanon will participate in "Ani Plugged" on August 18th
06.15 Kanon will attend Animethon in Canada
04.21 New live "Slumber Party"!!!
02.26 Kanon Wakeshima - Watch "PINOCCHIO with FREE FALL" on!!
02.07 New concept of her next one man show revealed!!
01.18 Kanon will participate in Japan Expo Sud!! - Here and Here

Year 2012

12.25 New one man show "Pinocchio with Free Fall" next March!!
11.06 Her new single is available on Itunes!!
10.14 HALLOWEEN PARTY MV Full - Here
10.05 Foul Play ni Kurari - TV Size
09.30 Halloween Party CD Covers!!
09.26 Wakeshima Kanon's live and talk show on October 8th!! - More info.
09.18 New Web Site + Foul Play ni Kurari and Sakura Meikyuu Previews
08.09 The two songs of the new single!!
08.06 New single!! (ED for anime "To LOVE ru) (will be released on 2012.11.07)
07.26 Kanon sings the song for game Fate/ Extra CCC.


Kanon Wakeshima
a cello vocalist

"Cello vocalist", Kanon Wakeshima, took up the cello at age 3. While in school, she studied Cello and actively performed in classical ensembles. At this time, she began composing music herself and sang in a pop/rock group. Not long after, she entered an audition held by Sony Music Japan, in which she was chosen as a finalist-- winning a contract with Sony label DefSTAR Records.

Kanon's incredible talent caught attention of Visual-kei star Mana (Moi dix Mois, ex-MALICE MIZER). Kanon's rich, haunting sound fit well with the "Gothic & Lolita" street fashion culture for which Mana is well known.  Mana became the producer of Kanon's debut single "still doll" (released in May 2008), and her 1st album "Shinshoku Dolce", which was released in February 2009.  This album saw its release in Europe before Japan; kicked off with the world premiere showcase and an in-store performance at FNAC, the largest media chain in France.  The event was such a success, in fact, that it set a store record for the most people to ever attend an event!  Skyrocketing in international popularity, in July this year she performed at JAPAN EXPO in Paris as well as at OTAKON in Baltimore, USA--also with record audiences for each event.  To promote the release of her U.S. release, she toured the West Coast, performing at such places as the San Francisco Amoeba Music. In August, she sold out her first headlining solo concert, "Kaigateki Ongakukai" at Shibuya O-WEST. In October, she appeared at HELLWEEN LIVE 2009, hosted by VAMPS, and gave a critically acclaimed performance.

Kanon also shows a great talent in drawing. In Fall 2008, she had her first exhibition as a visual artist.  Held at one of the biggest fashion plazas in Japan, Laforet Harajuku, it was a huge success. During her brief West Coast tour in US in 2009, another exhibition of her art was held at LA's Royal-T cafe. She also shares her new works regularly where they can be found posted alongside her diaries on her official website and MySpace.

Kanon Wakeshima will be releasing her much-anticipated 2nd album, "LOLITAWORK LIBRETTO", in July 2010. The title track will feature a French vocalist Solita, daughter of French singer Clementine. A concert tour of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka will follow the album release.


For more information, click here!

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#1 post_url

Jun 16 11 11:56 AM

agree i love renai no susume but koi no doutei is just meh.... anyway tho it is weird, her voice is higher and slightly more auto tuned but its also a bit "weaker" in verses.

theyve been getting alot more publicity as kanon x kanon recently, so as soon as that dies out, or maybe next year i think she will go back to her solo album...
but! since weve had 4 official releases (still doll/suna no oshiro singles dont count:D only shinshoku does xD) it has gone Dark/Light/Dark/Light
i mean it really does depend on the Anime that kanon x kanon does because.. they are really an anime group but i believe they have some say on what anime they would cover - if offered/tried out? idk the procedure.

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#2 post_url

Jun 16 11 11:37 PM

Why don't they compose songs for Detective Conan??? That anime is sooo long. Mai Kuraki has sang many songs for that anime!

If she wants to release new album next summer (2012), I think we need a physical album at the end of this year. 2 tracks is ok. A new song and its instrumental version. So we don't have to spend much money to buy an album that has many old songs *like Shinshoku Dolce*

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#3 post_url

Jun 18 11 7:00 PM

i used to watch that show! i think kanon requires inspiration to write the songs, and anime has great inspiration..i mean watching Shiki i can totally see how deep calendula requiem was to the theme, and why it became the opening at episode 12(i think.. or 13.. w.e!) which is where the plot started to twist into a much darker, gorier form, and i must say that unless the creator had different thoughts he would be pleasantly surprised by the song calendula requiem:)

i dont think she was lying about watching anime, so its possible that she could really write a song for any anime she was asked to if neccessary.. but yes i would like a Kanon x Kanon album soon, but i dont want it to be as out of place as much of lolitawork libretto was since they have the potential to go a dark gothic album like kanon wakeshima SHOULD or a sweet cute one, or a mixture of both! lolitawork libretto wouldve been better if it took a FEW cute songs out and added a few chillingly sweet ones.. like celmisia was
so .. 4 songs would be added to this album probably.. requirem, doll house, doutei, and susume.. those singles must set the mood for the album.. so it could be half dark and half light? or what.. every song they make is so unique so.. id love an album any way:).. but i have afeeling they will need 1 more DARK or at least creepy single and then we can have just the A side from it and get 7 more new songs on an album...

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#4 post_url

Jun 18 11 11:52 PM

Kanon no Uta wrote:
Why don't they compose songs for Detective Conan??? That anime is sooo long. Mai Kuraki has sang many songs for that anime!

Because singers who sing the theme songs are under Being Inc. and it's sublabels, like Giza and Vermillion.

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#5 post_url

Jun 19 11 10:00 AM

I don't really need a kanonxkanon. She should concentrate on her solo career.

If her next solo requires the period of time as long as her 2nd album, we will have a new album this December. The bad thing is she doesn't do her solo album temporarily. She will be busy this summer, as KW and kanonxkanon... Who knows if she has already writes songs for her next album???

I become to lack interest in her albums because I have listened to them EVERY DAY... smiley: laugh

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#7 post_url

Jun 29 11 3:54 AM

yes.. the remix was awful except 1 part where she actually sang lol.

koi no doutei 31 on oricon on release date, weekly rank was 49... kanon needs to get into the top 30s.. shes always 31-50 ish lol
heres a list for any1 wondering

so far daily its been 1st. - (19th) Shinshoku Dolce, 2nd. (22nd) Still Doll. 3rd. (28th) Suna no Oshiro, 4th. (31st) Koi no Doutei. 5th, (35th) Calendula Requiem, 6th. (37th) Lolitawork Libretto...

Weekly Ranks - 1st.(33rd) Still Doll, 2nd. (39th) Suna no Oshiro, 3rd. (47th) Shinshoku Dolce, 4th. (49th) Koi no Doutei, 5th. (50th) Calendula Requiem, 6th (83rd) Lolitawork Libretto

Last Edited By: ShunShunRikka3 Jun 29 11 4:08 AM. Edited 2 times.

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#8 post_url

Jul 3 11 5:38 AM

Yay, people said they were awesome at AM2 and teh song they chose to cover was the 1 from sailor moon, its what i voted for on her facebook(Moonlight Densetsu pretty sure thats it) she even threw roses into the crowd.

wish i couldve gone darn.

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#10 post_url

Jul 31 11 4:02 AM

show that clip?

and yea.... me too.. her entire Hyper London concert is on youtube - every song is pretty good quality as well by 1 or 2 people and 1 person got 2 other songs she sang

First day(high quality vids.)
Still Doll
Suna no Oshiro
Lolitawork Libretto
Marmalade Sky
Princess Charleston

Second Day(semi high-high)
all the same BUT!
Kuroi Torikago
CELMISIA!!!!! - the video is missing the first 40 seconds of the song or so but its beautiful... the screen that shows a close up of her face - u can see the emotion in the song and the second nagareru ha scream - i almost cried(thats a bit exaggerated... but still) sooo glad she did that song, ive always wanted her 2.

TBH id say its her best live concert to date - (ive seen them all someway or another other then most of am2)

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#13 post_url

Apr 21 12 5:08 AM

I discovered her from Michelle Phan's youtube page (haha I don't do the make-up but I just like watching the youtube culture).

She's pretty awesome. Love her image.

Should I move this to J-Rock? I'm a bit confused if I should. But for now i'll leave it here haha.

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#14 post_url

Apr 22 12 1:22 AM


MIDORI: I wouldn't say so. I mean, she isn't really as rock as most of the other artists. It's a bit pop-rock a la Ayu, except more classical influences. kanon x kanon may be more rock, but even so, I think the whole thread should stay here.

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#15 post_url

Apr 22 12 11:50 PM

sora2522 wrote:

MIDORI: I wouldn't say so. I mean, she isn't really as rock as most of the other artists. It's a bit pop-rock a la Ayu, except more classical influences. kanon x kanon may be more rock, but even so, I think the whole thread should stay here.
I still remember the days in jpop... forum ( When the topic is full of members... (
@MIDORI: Be careful. The next album may be jazz - classical - rock. smiley: frown

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#16 post_url

Apr 23 12 12:05 AM


Kanon Wakeshima had three live shows in September, October, November.

This time, she tried to compose music with three arrangement:

- SEPTEMBER: "Breakfast with Blue Note"

All of those songs below were arranged with jazz.

Set list:

The strange treat! (*)
Heibon na Boku (*)
odette (*)
still doll (1st album)
Mahotsukai ni Koi wo Shita (*)
Marmalade Sky (2nd album)
Kuroneko to Pianist no Tango (Shironeko Version) (2nd album)
I wanna be loved by you (Maryline Monroe)
like a jazz (*)
glitter (*)
Geijutsuka no Kawaii Sozo tachi (*)
Princess Charleston (album)

Songs with (*) are new songs.

I wrote "The strange treat!" for this show.

This time I wrote with the intention of creating music that was more fun and "tasty."

"I wanna be loved by you" is a cover of one of Marilyn Monroe's songs.

"Mahotsukai ni Koi wo Shita", "glitter", and "Geijutsuka no Kawaii Sozo tachi" are all songs I wrote a long time ago when I was a student. I was so happy that i was able to revive these songs with cool jazz arrangements and let you listen to them.

Up to now I just did not have the opportunity to let you hear these songs, and there were countless times I thought about abandoning them. But these songs supported me by telling me to wait a little longer, and keep writing other songs. I was so happy to experience the moment that these songs become beautiful music through the instruments of the performers.

It was a pleasure to present them to the audience, who I thought listened to each song carefully.

It was also fun to have the audience participate and sing along with the songs this time. (You were all so good!) By expressing my true self this time, I felt that I was able to get closer to all of you. This was the first show that I performed in this way. What did you all think?

- NOVEMBER: "Lunch with String"

All of the songs were arranged with classical theme.

Set list:

No information.

The "blue" theme show I did in October is already nostalgic for me! I sang a lot of new songs at this show.

The song "Shakespeare no Wasuremono" (What Shakespeare Forgot) used to have lyrics. They were based on the story of Romeo and Juliet. I was happy I got to sing the lyrics for the song this time.

Even though you guys heard it for the first time, they were actually songs I had wanted you to hear for a long time, and Kanon of the Past wanted to deliver them to you. I'm so glad that I was able to give these songs to you across time in this way, and that I never gave up songwriting.

Thank you so much to everyone who came to listen.

The song "Shakespeare no Wasuremono" (What Shakespeare Forgot) used to have lyrics. They were based on the story of Romeo and Juliet. I was happy I got to sing the lyrics for the song this time.

"Shakespeare no Wasuremono" (What Shakespeare Forgot)

The two of us,
In a deep ocean of love.
Even if we drown we'll sink while holding hands.
This medicine
Becomes a shard of love
Please take me inside your sleeping eyes.
If only I could enter your soul
Like the sun melts at dusk
Or tears that stain.
My body loses form and everything becomes one.
That's the way I want it. That's the way I want it.
Even if I can't do anything by myself
I won't lose this heart that believes in you.
these words
Change into love's magic
Please open your sleeping eyes and smile at me.

- NOVEMBER: "Dinner with Electron"

All of those songs were arranged with rock style.

Set list

M1 The strange treat! (*)
M2 Otome no March (2nd album)
M3 still doll (1st album)
M4 Nightingale (*)
M5 Dokushoka Himegimi (2nd album)
M6 Renai no Susume (kanon×kanon cover)
M7 The Dollhouse! (kanon×kanon cover)
M8 Neeko (temp. title) (*)
M9 Samui (temp. title) (*)
M10 Mujyuryoku (*)
M11 Ai no Aisatsu (*)
M12 Princess Charleston (2nd album)

"Mujyuryoku" (weightlessness) is a song I recently wrote. It's about when something bad happens and you feel alone, or you are hurt when various people say things about you and you lose your confidence. When these hurtful things happen, it feels like your feet leave the ground and your heart is floating around like there's no gravity. That's what I call "weightlessness."

Who is going to help you when there isn't even anything to be sad about, and you can't stop crying in the train or on the street, and you feel like your whole body and tears are going to be blown away? When you have things or people you love, beautiful art, that ties you down so that you won't be defeated by these obstacles-- I call it "magnetism" or "gravity."

I really poured my heart out into this song for the show.

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#19 post_url

Apr 23 12 1:14 AM

Polyrhythm wrote:
wtf happend to her style

She used to be so unique and I was sad when she fell of the face of the planet.

Now she's just some Nishino-clone.
I think this is her style.

I don't want her to be a Mana's doll any more. smiley: tired

I has lost my interest in Shinshoku Dolce and songs which are composed by Mana, while Kanon's  songs are continually grown on me...

BTW, I love all of her 3 dresses in The Strange Treat! show. smiley: roll

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#20 post_url

Apr 23 12 3:31 AM

These are all very interesting pictures...seems like she definitely has enough songs for a new album. And while she definitely doesn't have the same look as her older stuff, I agree with Kanon no Uta, in that it's still HER style. It's not the same as the visual kei / strict lolita look that she had before, but it's still very sweet, definitely lolita-influenced, and it's nice to at least see that she's experimenting, both visually and musically.

In other news, what's that 'tattoo' on her arm for the rock show??

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