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Apr 15 11 3:18 PM

I love those covers, especially LE one <3

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Apr 15 11 4:28 PM

The other day I preordered the LE of the single through YesAsia, are they also giving the posters?

And the covers are one of the best covers they have released

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Apr 16 11 6:56 AM

I'm really curious about the Kasuka na Kaori song, by the way. The title is so un-Perfume-y (AKA in Japanese) and I wonder in what style it is. Whether or not it's something completely different or more of a throwback to their previous songs, a typical Perfume song, cutesy, hard-hitting, a ballad... I can't wait XD

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Apr 18 11 3:07 PM

Is it just me or does anyone else think A-chan look emaciated in those pictures? @.@

One month until it releases. I think I'm going to have to buy this single. I'll save up for a group of this, VOICE and Nee. That way I won't miss any b-side if they don't come out on their next album. Yay! Good idea, me.

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Apr 21 11 9:23 AM

Ladies and Gentleman, we shall have Laser Beam and Kaori Faint in less than 24 hours. Perfume will premiere both songs on their radio show, Perfume LOCKS!

★【4月21日 木曜日】「Perfume LOCKS!」
毎週木曜日 23:05頃~23:20頃(約15分間) 

★ヒミツの研究室から【 Perfume 】研究員
も登場! 今夜は、たくさんの生徒から依頼

edit: apparently it was mistranslated and it actually says, "but it seems we can't let the new songs go on air, so what kind of study will this be?!" I don't get the last part, but I guess we'll just have to see. 50/50 chance I guess...

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Apr 21 11 9:40 AM

I am a little late...I usually wait about this time to pre-order and no the limited is sold out at Yeasasia and cdjpn....can anyone recommend anywhere else, also, any word on if there will be a poster bonus somewhere?

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Apr 21 11 3:02 PM

Play-Asia, but you won't get a poster. HMV, but your poster might be folded. That's it. Or, you could just keep refreshing CDJ's page. Once, they added 30 more Reg-first presses but it sold out in a day.

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Apr 24 11 11:45 PM

What a disappointing poster. I am not so bummed about missing out on it. Thanks for the pic.

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