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Jul 14 12 11:30 PM

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Wikipedia Biography:

Faye Wong ( 王菲) (born August 8, 1969) is a highly successful and influential Chinese singer-songwriter and actress. Early in her career she briefly used the stage name Wong Jing Wen (王靖雯, “Shirley Wong”). Born in Beijing, she moved to Hong Kong in 1987 and rose to stardom in the early 1990s by singing ballads in Cantonese. Since 1995 she has recorded mostly in her native Mandarin, often combining alternative music with mainstream Chinese pop. In 2000 she was recognized by Guinness World Records as the Best Selling Canto-Pop Female. Following her second marriage in 2005 she withdrew from the limelight, but returned to the stage in 2010 amidst immense interest in the Sinosphere.

Although her music is quite individualized, Faye Wong is famously reserved in public and has become a cultural icon of “cool.”


Wong Jing Wen 王靖雯 (1989)

Everything (1990)

You're the Only One (1990)

Coming Home (1992)

No Regrets 執迷不悔 (1993)

100,000 Whys 十萬個為什麼?(1994)

Mystery (1994)

Random Thoughts 胡思亂想 (1994)

Sky 天空 (1994)

Ingratiate Yourself 討好自己 (1994)

Decadent Sounds of Faye (Teresa Teng covers) 菲靡靡之音 (1995)

Di-Dar (1995)

Anxiety 浮躁 (1996)

Toy EP 玩具 (1997)

Help Yourself EP 自便 (1997)

Faye Wong 王菲 (1997)

Scenic Tour 唱遊 (1998)

I Only Love Strangers 只愛陌生人 (1999)

Fable 寓言 (2000)

Faye Wong 王菲 (2001)

To Love 將愛 (2003)

My "Fayevorite" Song:

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#1 post_url

Jul 19 12 12:13 PM

She really had this string of great records going on in the late 90s that blew away most music coming out at that time on a global scale IMO. Scenic Tour, I Only Love Strangers, friggin' Fable; seriously killer albums. If she ever releases an album of new material again, I can only imagine how much scrutiny it would undergo since it's been so long since she's released anything and she set the bar pretty high towards her last recorded works.

I don't listen to her mid 90s stuff and earlier, except I do have a soft spot for her Mystery release...that opening track, despite its sorta cheesiness, is just so damn beautiful.

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#4 post_url

Sep 13 13 11:48 AM

today's news:

Faye Wong announced separation from husband Li Yapeng 李亞鵬, after 8 years of marriage. Custody of their child Li Yan is with Li Yapeng.

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#8 post_url

Oct 7 14 4:41 AM

I like her music but I liker movies more

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