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Apr 21 14 12:12 AM

uncle Jemima wrote:
does nakata have twitter, i want him to see this feeltastic tribute i made for him

OMG you're so hilarious
nakata own twitter idk , but CAPSULE has, but I think the staff who manage for update

Eh, even madeon follow capsule (WoW)

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Nov 28 14 8:08 AM

2015.02.18 Release

"Depth" is the main theme for Appleseed Alpha, and "Feel Again" will be the theme song for the Christmas illumination show of Canal City Hakata (if I understood correctly). The limited edition comes with a bonus disc containing extended mixes of album songs, and it is housed in a digipak.


[Limited Edition (2CD)]
WPCL-12019/20 ¥3,000

[Regular Edition (1CD)]
WPCL-12026 ¥2,500

[Disc 1]
01. Wave Runner
02. Another World
03. Dreamin’ Boy
04. Hero
05. Dancing Planet
06. Depth(vocal dub mix)
07. Feel Again
08. Unrequited Love
09. White As Snow
10. Beyond The Sky

[Disc 2]
01. Another World(extended mix)
02. Hero(extended mix)
03. Feel Again(extended mix)
04. White As Snow(extended mix)


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Dec 8 14 5:32 PM

Loving the sound of the Vocal Dub Mix!

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Dec 28 14 2:08 PM

On Dec. 28, at Japan’s largest indoor festival COUNTDOWN JAPAN 14/15, CAPSULE announced that “Feel Aagain” - off of CAPSULE’s latest upcoming album “WAVE RUNNER” - will be available to download in 111 countries starting today.

CAPSULE performed the track at COUNTDOWN JAPAN 14/15, and it will be available along with “Feel Again (extended mix)” - which will also be on the first CD limited edition of “WAVE RUNNER.” Reservations for “WAVE RUNNER” will also start today on the iTunes (R) store. The album will be available in 111 countries.

【iTunes International】
※iTunes is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
【レコチョク / Recochoku】

A “CAPSULE Mega Mix Movie” will also be released today! The mix comprises four tracks, including “Feel Again,” and will showcase the latest in the Electronic Dance Music scene, both at home in Japan and abroad. Don’t miss it!


smiley: pimp

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Jan 2 15 6:25 AM

^ wow that megamix definitely is a sign that WAVE RUNNER is gonna be an amazing album! I am a little disappointed though in the sense that, based on the sound of the MegaMix, this album doesn't seem to be pushing capsule's sound to something more original like their other albums did - I guess that kinda originality stopped with MORE! MORE! MORE! (and then the one time with CAPS LOCK) imo since there wasn't really anything that sounded like that album at the time. I honestly think though that they were already in EDM before the scene even got big, but WAVE RUNNER's sound does seem like the most natural progression in capsule's sound from STEREO WORXXX.

From what I could hear, looks like Dreamin' Boy (0:00 - 1:00) was previewed on top of Feel Again (3:52 - 5:33) in the mix. Dunno what the 2nd (1:00 - 2:15) and 3rd (2:15 - 3:52) tracks are but I'm really liking the 2nd track. The drop in this 2nd track just gives me old-school techno vibes for some reason... The 3rd track seems really EDM influenced in the "banger"-side. Dreamin' Boy reminds me a bit of STRIKER mixed with a couple other tracks from the WORLD OF FANTASY album.

EDIT: Someone by the username of "nakata yasutaka" (I don't think it's official) posted a tracklist in a comment on the video:

0:14 - Dreamin' Boy
0:59 - Beyond The Sky
2:15 - White As Snow
3:50 - Feel Again

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Jan 27 15 8:29 PM

Another World was released as a digital single today, along with its extended mix. I'm liking Another World a bit better than Feel Again, although I'm still waiting for Beyond The Sky, assuming it was that 2nd track in the album megamix. I hope WAVE RUNNER will do well on the charts, given previous attempts at EDM in the Japanese music industry weren't all that successful (i.e. m-flo's late album releases and I suppose Ayu's Colours, but then it's Ayu, so it didn't really have to do with the fact that her tracks featured EDM producers).

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Feb 9 15 7:19 PM

Feel Again has really grown on me (now that I've given it a second listen!) I am tempted to order the CD version so I can play it in my car, but think I will buy it from iTunes when it's released so I can listen to it quicker!

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Feb 17 15 7:44 PM

Turns out the track I was obsessing about was not called "Beyond The Sky" but "Hero". Still obsessed with it lol that drop/breakdown is so addictive... Listening through the album now, so far, I think they've finally found a good balance between EDM and their style, but still be able to have it uniquely their style as supposed to selling their sound completely to mainstream EDM. I think my issue before with everything post-PLAYER was that it was not EDM enough to be called EDM but was also too experimental to be called Electro-pop. I think the closest they got to club EDM prior to WAVE RUNNER was probably WORLD OF FANTASY, which is kinda ironic how similar the 2 albums are, since WORLD OF FANTASY was originally gonna be called KILLER WAVE.

The instrumental tracks this time round: Wave Runner / Dancing Planet (one of their best instrumental tracks imo to date) / Beyond The Sky

EDIT: Stand out tracks for me were: Another World / Hero / Dancing Planet / Unrequited Love (this track is like CAPSULE meets Perfume imo)

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