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#221 post_url

Jul 3 13 3:13 PM

^I was wondering what's on the DVD too.

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#222 post_url

Jul 6 13 11:25 PM

^ I messaged HMV and all they said was it contained a special promotional video ... which was awesome help. I also found the promotional DVD itself on a Yahoo auction and they described it to be a special announcement DVD? My guess is maybe there is an announcement video in the disc with the duo talking about something? So it might not be a music video(s) after all.

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#224 post_url

Jul 24 13 8:50 AM

capsule posted a video (on their Facebook page) of a mini-mix, or "digest movie", of the upcoming ASOBITUNES mix album and it includes an approx. 23 second preview of their new song "Rainbow" in the very beginning

It sounds promising, for some reason, a year without a new capsule album definitely feels like it's missing something ...

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#225 post_url

Aug 3 13 2:50 PM

Capsule made twitter & facebook official (staff) acount and also they'll release (soon?) New Album this year!

@CAPSULEOFFICIAL: CAPSULE、遂にニューアルバムを unBORDE より今秋リリースします!更に表記、ロゴも一新! 詳細は、随時CAPSULE オフィシャルサイトでお知らせします。  #capsule #ynakata

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Posts: 2,670 Mohtorboat

#227 post_url

Aug 29 13 12:30 PM


CAPSULE has announced today that their new album will be named 「CAPS LOCK」. The album is slated to be released on October 23, 2013. The 2CD in the Limited edition will contain extended mixes of certain album tracks. More info has yet to be disclosed so stay tuned!


Limited Edition:¥3,000(tax in)
Regular Edition: ¥2,520(tax in)

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uncle Jemima

Posts: 4,001

パン・ダ marinopp

#229 post_url

Sep 8 13 11:51 AM

i liked their name in lowercaps more =( but this is good news because it seems that capsule (sorry, CAPSULE) will still be around for a while, why would they change labels and change their name if Nakata was planning on quitting music in the next few years. i wonder if their music style will change at all. to be honest, their music changed so many times from 2001-2007 but it seems that since Sugarless GiRL/FLASH BACK their music has kinda been the same.

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#230 post_url

Sep 10 13 5:29 PM

2idx.jpg ac6g.jpg

Limited Edition (2CD) / Regular Edition
WPCL-11582/3 / ¥3,000(tax in)
WPCL-11584 / ¥2,520(tax in)

01. HOME
04. 12345678
06. ESC

[DISC 2]CD ※Limited Edition Bonus Disc
01. CONTROL (extended mix)
02. DELETE (extended mix)
03. ESC (extended mix)

Well those covers are... minimalist. smiley: laugh Can't wait to hear the songs tho! The track titles are funny.

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Posts: 2,670 Mohtorboat

#231 post_url

Sep 10 13 11:54 PM

There should've at least been a song called ALT, jeez. 12345678 must be Nakata's password for something.

It'd be neat if the C on the limited cover was cut out to show part of the CD itself.

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#233 post_url

Sep 15 13 10:16 AM

does anyone think the limited edition cover "reminds" you of The xx's Coexist cover ...?

nevertheless, i can only expect amazingness from capsule, cant wait for even just a preview

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#237 post_url

Oct 5 13 9:45 AM

I've just bought my first CAPSULE album World of Fantasy and wondering where to go next? Apart from their new one of course. I'm loving World of Fantasy and Keep Hope Alive. Keep Hope Alive sounds so retro-videogame-y - I'm loving it!!

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#239 post_url

Oct 7 13 5:42 AM

That preview does sound inviting and promising. :-)
Will be ordering soon that's for sure.
But 8 tracks? seems a bit to short, lets hope it's sweet too, haha.

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#240 post_url

Oct 8 13 4:12 PM

You could start from the two best of albums released last spring and then see what you like.

Thanks! Think I might start off with the earliest best of. The preview of the new song is sounding good.

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