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Jul 5 14 8:53 AM

Just got done watching and man oh man I want to watch it again.smiley: eek  I can't wait for the next episode.  

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Jul 5 14 9:34 AM

It was amazing! I love the changes and additions that they made to it, and I was glad that they matured her a bit more for this series so far (the old series, she was crying and yelling way too much!) I really love how they implemented the dreams to their past lives as well as the stare that Usagi and Mamoru had when they first locked eyes, it was really beautiful. Love, love, love! Just wish we could have seen Queen Beryl.

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Jul 6 14 9:59 AM

^ "gekkou" is a pretty gorgeous song - too bad that god awful group had to butcher it. Would love to hear a Peach Hips rendition of it, like "TUXEDO MIRAGE".

Much better than I expected, and though Mitsuishi sounded a little strained at times she was still pretty on - I'm going to attribute it to not knowing how to portray this Usagi accurately yet.
Arisawa Takanori's music in the original was much, much better though, with all its jazz influences - the CG henshin sequence lacked oomph, unlike the original "Moon Prism Power Make Up". And CG? Really?

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Jul 6 14 2:58 PM

I think it would have been better if instead of that 3D transformation, they had chosen to animate it like her introduction speech was animated. I don't really care for the 3D figures in the intro either. They've really got to do something about that blow-up doll expression Usagi had throughout the entire episode.

Overall, I really liked it. I'm excited to see where this show goes as it diverges from the parts of the stories actually covered in the old anime. I really don't see a point in comparing any aspect of this anime to the old one. The old one will always exist. I will critique and enjoy this show (or not) based on its own merits.

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Jul 6 14 10:32 PM

The only thing I fear for this series is the pacing and lack of character development it might cause, that was the problem I had with the manga, there was no depth to any of the characters other than random backstories here and there, it was all the main focus on "Usagi" and "Mamoru" and everyone else was pretty much bland. That was what I liked about the original anime, even though it did drag on INCREDIBLY, it did give character development and the pacing was (be as it may too much) reasonable. I mean, we are already getting Sailor Mercury in the next episode. And if this does go according to acts as the manga does, this show (being 26 episodes) will end with the last act being the Black Moon (last act in the manga as well), while I think its a nice idea, I am not sure the pacing is going to really be my cup of tea... I was hoping they would drag it out a little more.

I like both the opening and closing songs, I do wish it was another group or singer that sang the song with a better voice but at least their voices aren't too bad studio-wise

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Jul 16 14 9:50 PM

No offense, but I've always hated English dub in anime. It's annoying XD

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Jul 17 14 12:33 AM

Luna is going to take awhile to get use to I still hear the old dub in my head including the first two voices of Sailor Moon.  For some reason for me Luna should sound a little bit younger then Michelle is sounding and with Stephanie I just hope as the series progresses she grows more into the role because for now she sounds way younger then 14 to me.

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Jul 17 14 7:23 AM

The voices are fine but I do think Luna takes some getting used to. I dont recall how her voice sounds in the original (wasn't it like an elderly woman's voice?) so this is like a huge step up for me, but I do think Michelle should have tried to sound more young with the voice.

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Jul 19 14 1:07 PM

ARUTO wrote:
No offense, but I've always hated English dub in anime. It's annoying XD

Your not alone. When I was younger all I did was Eng dubs but now I never touch that option on releases.

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Jul 19 14 10:51 PM

So what did everyone think about Act 2? I loved it but the only thing I was annoyed with was that they used the full transformation sequence again for Sailor Moon, I was hoping that within certain moments they would shorten them but seems like they are going to be doing exactly what the original anime did.

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Sep 20 14 12:26 AM

5 and half more hours to go until Act 6.smiley: eek

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