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Mar 6 16 4:18 AM

So much happening don't know where to start so here it goes.  We are getting a new opening and ending and get this NO MORE CG on the transformations. Trailer is up and it looks so much better then I expected.  Still so much information is coming out within seconds.smiley: eeksmiley: eeksmiley: eeksmiley: eek   The voice actresses playing Neptune and Uranus are singing the ending song. Premiere date April 4 and it will air on 6 different TV stations across Japan.

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Mar 6 16 5:21 PM

The animation looks a whole lot better than the previous seasons. Though, the original animation never really bothered me that much (unlike so many others, I understood WHY the finishing touches were put on BD and DVD and NOT for streaming) but this animation really puts the first and second seasons' animation in the dust. All I can hope for now is that they will stop milking the transformation sequences, I really do not need to see Sailor Moon's long transformation sequence every episode, the first time she transforms into it I can understand but come on, you could use all that time for filler material to expand on character development which was seriously lacking in the previous seasons.

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Posts: 2,658 Mohtorboat

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Mar 26 16 1:10 PM

This season will have 13 episodes. OP is New Moon ni Koishite; first ED is eternal eternity.
Misato Fukuen is Chibiusa/Sailor Chibi Moon, Youhei Oobayashi is Artemis, and Shoko Nakagawa is Diana.
There will be additional versions of the OP done by both Mitsuko Horie and Momoiro Clover Z, and two more EDs.
Second ED, Otome no Susume, will be performed by Misato Fukuen; third ED, Eien Dake ga Futari wo Kakeru, will be performed by Kenji Nojima.

New Moon ni Koishite

eternal eternity

Honestly, the animation is looking 100x better than the first two seasons.

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Mar 26 16 2:07 PM

^ To add on, all three versions of the OPs and EDs will be released as CD+DVD singles over the next three months; Yakushimaru c/w Minagawa and Oohara in April, Horie c/w Fukuen in May, and Momoiro c/w Nojima in June. The DVDs will come with telop-free versions of the OP and ED and full-chorus versions of the songs set to digest footage from the anime. And it's nice to see Horie getting involved with Sailor Moon again, after her cover of the Sailor Star Song.

The first clip in Moh's post is apparently the digest of the first two episodes. Makes me wish I'd gone for the screening event for the first episode......

I was a little skeptical about Yakushimaru's song at first, given how terrible the one she did for the character song album was, but the arrangement is pretty good, especially the strings.
What pleases me even more, though, is that the animations for the inner senshis' attacks are pretty the same as in the original anime. (No more beam attacks, please!)

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Apr 1 16 2:14 AM

It was announced by VIZ that Sailor Moon Crystal III will air on Hulu the same day as in Japan and Crunchyroll announced via their website that they will to air it also.smiley: happy

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Apr 1 16 8:12 PM

moonbunny28 wrote:
It was announced by VIZ that Sailor Moon Crystal III will air on Hulu the same day as in Japan and Crunchyroll announced via their website that they will to air it also.smiley: happy
So glad to hear this!

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Posts: 2,658 Mohtorboat

#230 post_url

Apr 4 16 8:40 PM

Watched the first episode. I'm really glad there's no more CG transformations. Art looks nicer imo and the animation is much better. They've even added funny faces.

Top: Seasons 1/2, bottom: Season 3
image image image image image

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Apr 5 16 10:29 PM

I love that they added more humor and gave the other girls some personality (though I find it very odd that they all of the sudden reverted the girls into their original anime counterparts, however I am glad it was not too over the top to a point where it was such a drastic change)

The only thing I hated about the episode is how INCREDIBLY SHORT it was to get rid of the monster. What was the point of Usagi, Ami and Rei (who just used her talisman) transforming for in the first place? I liked that they showed all of their transformations but PLEASE dont drag it out in future episodes, it literally took up SO much time in this episode. I loved watching them but after Mars' I was just like, ok lets get this over with already. And I absolutely HATED Sailor Moon's transformation. WTF what is with all those unappealing and weird angles? Ugh, awful.

Other than that I loved everything else about it, it didnt seem rushed like many other episodes in Crystal did. Kind of wished they would re-do the first and second season episodes like this lol.

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Apr 29 16 2:50 AM

Looking good so far glad that they are sticking more closely to the manga and not adding things that are unnecessary and keeping the things that make the manga special in the first place.  Love we got the Moon/Uranus kiss and Mina transforming into a male Mugen student.  Starting to get use to the new designs only wish I have is not that they reanimate the first two seasons because of the questionable animation but so it matches the whole series.

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May 22 16 10:40 AM

Seems like I may be the only person that misses the animation from the first two seasons. Although I'm enjoying this season I feel like it's flying by compared to the original that I can recall. I wish  Viz had released the original season on BR so I could compare. I still have my VHS copies for memories but no way to watch them.

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Jan 25 17 10:30 AM

The Sailor Moon 25th anniversary project page got launched, and amongst other events lined up to commemorate Takeuchi Naoko giving us the series 25 years ago, the following two have been announced:

- the re-release of the original series on Blu-ray
- the continuation of Sailor Moon Crystal

Part 1 of the Blu-ray box set for the first season goes on sale in June, the second in August, with sets for R and the three movies et al to follow after.
No date for when Crystal will restart but I don't think they'll make it in time for April, so maybe summer or autumn.

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May 19 17 2:32 AM

This is so cool they are bringing back Satomi Okubo who played Sailor Moon in the first three musicals of the revival to play for the first time ever in any of the musicals SAILOR COSMOS.smiley: eek

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