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Jun 29 15 9:52 PM

No new announcements made at the Niconico event last night, though they did show the cover of the upcoming Crystal BD/DVD release featuring Pluto.
The highlight of the event was when they did a live dubbing of one of the manga chapters, the one where Makoto transforms using Jupiter Planet Power and attacks with Jupiter Coconut Cyclone. Fukuen and Nojima were doing sound effects, so it was hilarious watching them try to disrupt the other five.

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Jul 18 15 10:32 PM

Well Sailor Moon Crystal is over and at the end of the episode it said See You Soon and it was announced on the 20th Anniversary twitter to stay tuned for more SMC information.smiley: smile  

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Sep 28 15 11:21 AM

The last episode of Crystal was broadcast on TV today ---

And at the end, they announced that they would be animating the Death Busters arc. There's also another project in the works - more details for both will be made available at the official site at a later date.

I'm surprised they're continuing, because it didn't seem like the DVDs/BDs sold well at all, but hopefully they'll do a better job with the third arc.

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Oct 2 15 9:02 PM

I enjoyed Crystal, so I'm glad another season has been announced. However, I hope they make better editorial choices this time. Like the stuff with the shitennou and the other sailor soldiers... no bueno. Like it could have worked, but the execution was fucking awful.

Is anyone playing Sailor Moon Drops? Semi want to smash my phone!

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Oct 3 15 12:35 PM

They will have a new director (since the one for the 1st and 2nd season had departed) and also if they do extend it to another 26 episode arc, that would be great cause unlike the Dark Kingdom and Black Moon arcs, the Infinity and Dream arc acts are shorter so I hope they will use that time to do more character development and small and minor changes to the plot to make more sense, would be great if they didnt milk it by giving us every two weeks (that is kind of annoying lol)

I wanted to play it but I forgot my Japan login for iTunes and its being a real bitch so I'll just wait till they release it in the West. Meanwhile, I have been obsessed with Tsum Tsum (though the game is kind of a ripoff)

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Oct 10 15 1:49 AM

So Viz is at the New York Comic-Con and they gave out their upcoming release to everyone in line for their panel and under other 2016 releases is Sailor Moon Crystal The Dark Kingdom Arc.Eek

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Oct 10 15 1:20 PM

About damn time. They are really milking this way too long, like pick up the pace already...

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Nov 8 15 1:58 PM

It was announced that Sailor Moon Crystal will air on Japan's Tokyo MX channel sometime next year.  The good news airing on this channel will mean we get weekly episodes and better animation the bad us outside of Japan has to wait who knows how long for the new episodes to see.Ohwell   

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Jan 8 16 11:34 PM

It has been confirmed that the Death Busters arc will air starting this spring; replacing Sakai Munehisa as director is Kon Chiaki, and Takahashi Akira will be taking over Sakou Yukie for character design, with the rest of the production staff remaining more or less the same.
A Niconico broadcast will be held on the 27th January at 2000 JST, where they will reveal the cast for the outer senshi. Hopefully we'll see some visuals then.

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Jan 25 16 2:26 AM

There is going to be an announcement at AnimeJapan March 26th about the special Sailor Moon project.  I'm torn between a Code Name:Salior V OVA and a Sailormoon 3DS video game.

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Jan 27 16 7:16 AM

The cast for the Death Busters arc has been announced:

- Tenou Haruka/Sailor Uranus: Minagawa Junko
- Kaiou Michiru/Sailor Neptune: Oohara Sayaka

- Tomoe Hotaru/Mistress 9/Sailor Saturn: Fujii Yukiyo

- Kaorinite: Yono Hikari
- Professor Tomoe: Kirimoto Takuya
- Pharaoh 90: Hashi Takaya

<Witches 5>
- Mimete: Nagaku Yuki
- Eudial: Takahashi Chiaki
- Viluy: Hon'izumi Rina
- Tellu: Oozora Naomi
- Cyprine (and Ptitol?): Shouji Umeka

Got kicked out of the nicovideo broadcast 28 minutes into it thanks to a premium user, so that's all I can give for now. I'll update when more info makes its way around.
They did a quick live dubbing of the scene where Usagi first meets Haruka at Crown, with Michiru seemingly getting jealous - and these two are great. Though I wonder if Minagawa's channelling Ogata Megumi a bit too much - but still, I'm glad they cast two veterans.

EDIT: A search of Ogata's name over at Twitter reveals that a good deal of fans are in shock over how Ogata (and Katsuki) aren't reprising their roles, heh.

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Feb 14 16 3:00 AM

Been waiting forever for it to happen and it finally came just about a day ago at the New York Toy Fair it was announced that Funko Pop is releasing Sailor Moon Mercury Mars Jupiter Venus and Tuxedo Mask and even Luna and Artemis they come with well you can guess.   They will be released in April just in time for my birthday yeah.smiley: laugh

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