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Apr 2 15 8:51 AM

When are we going to get Season 2 Part 1 from Viz? They have barely said any word on it...

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Apr 2 15 10:41 PM

So far it looks like they're only doing the first two arcs... I really hope they decide to continue with it. I need me Sailor Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus.

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Apr 6 15 9:52 AM

So there's a character song album being released on the 29th April, featuring songs for each of the senshi, Tuxedo Kamen, the Shitennnou, duets and a group song by all the senshi. Written by some of the people who did the old character and theme songs, like Nagai Rui ("Route Venus") and Kosaka Akiko ("Moon Revenge", "TUXEDO MIRAGE"), as well as people who were involved with the previous cover album, eg. Yakushimaru Etsuko and Ziyoou-vachi.

The group song, "kakumei wa NIGHT & DAY" ("Revolution is NIGHT & DAY"), written by Yakushimaru, got a PV made for it:

I'm amused by how Mitsuishi's singing hasn't improved over the years. The song is pretty bad, though, especially the lyrics. 

And seiyuu for the Ayakashi Sisters:
Koan - Yukino Satsuki
Berthier - Kasahara Rumi (Ptilol in Sailor Moon S)
Calaveras - Hanba Tomoe 
Petz - Mizuta Wasabi

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Posts: 2,668 Mohtorboat

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Apr 10 15 9:28 PM

otenkiame wrote:
I really hope they decide to continue with it.

Toei's European website mentioned that a second season is in production and will air this summer.

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Apr 12 15 4:23 AM

otenkiame wrote:
^ Awesome! I'm actually not the biggest fan of the first two arcs, so I'm glad the latter ones are going to be getting some justice!

It's probably just the announcement for the Dark Moon arc. Even if they were going to animate the Infinity arc and beyond, the Japanese side would make the announcement first, don't you think?

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May 14 15 9:31 AM

#74 for the first week of the character song album, with 896 copies.

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Jun 4 15 1:41 AM

moonbunny28 wrote:
Viz is dubbing both Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal so who knows maybe we might get the latter on Toonami.
Does Toonami even exist anymore?

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Jun 6 15 9:34 PM

Oh yeah it does they currently show Dragon Ball Z Kai which has over 1 million viewers each week along with Kill La Kill which also is a ratings killer no pun intended.     They also show Sword Art Online II, Naruto Shippuden, and One Piece.          They also are currently playing reruns of Attack on Titan and Inuyasha Final Act is about to end soon.           Soon as Inuyasha ends they are going to show Michiko & Hachin and Akame ga Kill will premiere when Kill la Kill ends in August.

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Jun 10 15 7:14 AM

Apparently there are no plans to continue the series after its 26 episode run ends. Of course, since it's going to be aired on television soon, that may change if the series proves popular enough.

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Jun 10 15 9:34 PM

That is so stupid, I mean why even bother remaking the show at all then? Who the hell ends a show half way through the story? So fucking half assed that just pisses me off...

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#198 post_url

Jun 10 15 11:06 PM

On the other hand, I'm actually sort of glad that Haruka and Michiru will be spared crappy art and cheap-looking CG, especially since Ogata Megumi and Katsuki Masako probably won't be playing them anyway.

I've been trying to find ratings data for the TV broadcast of Crystal, but with the exception of the Tokyo area and TVQ Kyushu, which both show it in the evenings, the other local networks broadcast it past midnight, so it's likely the ratings aren't good at all.

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Jun 25 15 7:57 AM

To celebrate the birthdays of Usagi and Chibiusa (30th June), there will be a Sailor Moon fest of sorts over at niconico over the entirety of next week, ending off with the broadcast of episode 25 on the 4th July.

On the 29th, at 7pm JST, there will be a talk program featuring Mitsuishi Kotono, Kanemoto Hisako, Satou Rina, Koshimizu Ami, Itou Shizuka, Nojima Kenji and Fukuen Misato, who respectively voice Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Mamoru and Chibiusa in Crystal. They will also broadcast the OPs and EDs of the show, including those from the original anime.

The 30th will feature a mini-live and talk show by the cast of the new musical as well as episodes 60 to 72 of Sailor Moon R, while the next day will see episodes 73 to 88.

The 2nd and 3rd will each have 12 episodes of Crystal broadcast.

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