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Nov 10 13 11:52 PM

Well, we finally have the new album's title, cover, and track-list, and let me tell you, it's an interesting one.

The album is titled "Batsu to Maru to Tsumi to", which loosely translates to "Wrong and Right and Crime and", and is romanized as "X to ○ to Tsumi to".  The cover and track-list are as follows.


1. Ienai ("Won't Say")
2. Jikkyou Chukei ("Live Coverage")
3. Iron Bible
4. Reunion
6. Gogatsu no Hae ("Flies of May")
7. Saigo no Bansan ("Last Supper")
8. Yugiri ("Evening Fog")
9. Breath (or "Bless" - not sure)
10. Perfect Baby
11. Dreamer's High
12. Kaishin no Ichigeki ("Blow of Satisfaction")
13. Tummy
14. Last Virgin
15. Hari to Toge ("Spine and Needle")

Color me very, very intrigued as to what this release is going to sound like (and also by the absence of the earthquake songs AND Sprechchor).  What do you guys think?

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Dec 13 13 5:51 PM

Just posting to say that album is out - I've got my copy and it's ... brilliant. This might actually be my favorite album that they've released. It really shows the progress that they've made over the past 3 years in maturing their sound. Just really happy with the album on the whole.

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May 8 15 4:56 PM

Hey guys, they just announced an Asia-Europe tour:

【RADWIMPS 2015 Asia-Europe Live Tour】
■10.9(Fri) AX-KOREA,Seoul,Korea / info:
■10.13(Tue) Le Trabendo,Paris,France / info:
■10.15(Thu) Stollwerck,Cologne,Germany / info:
■10.17(Sat) C-Club,Berlin,Germany / info:
■10.19(Mon) Islington Academy,London,UK / info:
■10.23(Fri) ATT SHOW BOX,Taipei,Taiwan / info:

Are they good live? I'm a casual listener but I really like some of their stuff. I'd go to the London one from Spain (but I wouldn't be travelling just for that, I'd have to stay one or two days more for it though). The ticket is freaking expensive and it goes on sale tomorrow so I'm not sure what to do

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May 8 15 6:44 PM

^I personally think that they're really good live, but here's some videos from their last tour so that you can decide for yourself (since it's your money that's ultimately on the line):

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