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Mar 2 13 11:14 AM

It's up at JPS, since its already been released in the UK.

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Mar 2 13 10:55 PM

Right, so finally got a chance to listen to UBU ... nackar, you're not alone in adoring this album. It's just great. All of my respect to Noda for this one.

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Mar 22 13 12:44 PM

I'm so in love with the song!

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Mar 29 13 4:12 PM

Found an upload of the B-side to Dreamer's High, "Scissor Stand", on youtube - really like it. In addition, the band's generasia page is showing a yet-to-be-titled Studio Album set to release sometime in June. Haven't been able to find a source yet, but I REALLY hope that that's true.

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Aug 16 13 10:41 AM

^ Me too! And hopefully an album will follow soon after... one is overdue, IMO!

(Although I shouldn't complain... I love the illion album as well).

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Aug 16 13 4:13 PM

^Likewise, but I'm really hoping for album announcements from both RADWIMPS and Bump of Chicken soon, since both bands are ... really due to release a new studio set. I'm wondering exactly what direction Rad's going to go with their next album, since it's hard to judge from just Sprechchor and Dreamer's High.

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Sep 15 13 12:18 PM

All right! We finally have information on the new RADWIMPS single now, and it's a lot of information that I like. Firstly, the single is a Double A-side that's titled "Gogatsu no Hae (Flies of May) / Last Virgin" and also includes a third track titled Nipponpon, which is by RADWIMPS' alter-ego "The Miso Soups" (first time they've done a track as them in 7 years).

Most importantly: There is a limited 24 hour period going on right now where you can get an official download of the first A-side, "Gogatsu no Hae". It's a great song, so I recommend that you take advantage of the chance and grab it while you can.

Here it is:

Lastly, there are two different, but equally nice pieces of cover art for the new single, while I'll show below.

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Oct 23 13 1:18 AM

Hopefully with the two earthquake songs!

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