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Jun 25 12 10:55 PM

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Radwimps (ラッドウインプス Raddo'uinpusu, stylized as RADWIMPS) is a Japanese rock band, who debuted independently in 2003 and later on major label Toshiba EMI in 2005. The band achieved great commercial success in 2006 with their album Radwimps 4: Okazu no Gohan, and are best known for their later singles "Order Made" (2008) and "Dada" (2011), both of which hit number one on Oricon's single charts.


Yojiro Noda (野田洋次郎): Vocals, Guitar, Songwriting

Akira Kuwahara (桑原彰): Guitar, Chorus

Satoshi Yamaguchi (山口智史): Drums, Chorus (2003-present)

Yusuke Takeda (武田祐介): Bass, Chorus (2003—present)

Latest Release:

7th Album:  "Batsu to Maru to Tsumi to".



01. Ienai
02. Jikkyu Chukei
03. Iron Bible
04. Reunion
06. Gogatsu no Hae
07. Saigo no Bansan
08. Yugiri
09. Breath
10. Perfect Baby
11. Dreamer's High
12. Kaishin no Ichigeki
13. Tummy
14. Last Virgin
15. Hari to Toge

Release Date: December 11th, 2013



2003/05/03: Moshimo (もしも, "If")  - Indies
2004/07/22: Kiseki (祈跡, "Miracle")  - Indies
2005/05/25: Hexun / Kanashi (へっくしゅん/愛し Hekkushun, "Hachoo / Love")  - Indies
2005/11/23: Nijūgoku-me (25 Kume) no Senshokutai (25コ目の染色体, "The 25th Chromosome")
2006/01/18: EDP ~Tonde Hi ni Iru Natsu no Kimi~ (イーディーピー ~飛んで火に入る夏の君~, "Summer You, Flying Into the Fire")
2006/05/17: Futarigoto (ふたりごと, "Things About Us")
2006/07/26: Yuushinron (有心論, "Heart Theism")
2006/11/08: Setsuna Rensa (セツナレンサ, "Painful Moment Chain")
2007/01/23: Order Made (オーダーメイド Ōdā Meido)
2010/06/30: Keitai Denwa (携帯電話, "Cellphone")
2010/06/30: Manifesto (マニフェスト Manifesuto)
2011/01/12: DADA
2011/02/09: Kyoushinshou (狭心症; Heart Attack)
2012/08/01: Sprechchor (シュプレヒコール Shupurehikōru"Vocal Chorus")
2013/03/27: Dreamer's High (ドリーマーズ・ハイ)
2013/10/16: Gogatsu no Hae / Last Virgin (五月の蠅 / ラストバージン; Flies of May)


2003/07/01: RADWIMPS - Indies
2005/03/08: RADWIMPS 2: Hatten Tojō (発展途上, "Developing") - Indies
2006/02/15: RADWIMPS 3: Mujintō ni Motte Ikiwasureta Ichimai (無人島に持っていき忘れた一枚, "The CD I Forgot To Take To The Deserted Island")
2006/12/06: RADWIMPS 4: Okazu no Gohan (おかずのごはん, "Rice Side Dish")
2009/03/11: Altocolony no Teiri (アルトコロニーの定理, "The Altocolony Theorem")
2011/03/09: Zettai Zetsumei (絶体絶命, "Desperate Situation")
2013/12/11: Batsu to Maru to Tsumi to (Xと○と罪と, "Right and Wrong and Crime and")


2007/02/07: RADWIMPS 4.5
2007/07/11: Nama Harumaki (生春巻き, "Raw Spring Roll")
2012/01/11: Zettai Enmei (絶体延命, "Desperate Survival")

Links: - Official Website - Radwimps @ EMI Music Japan


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#2 post_url

Jun 26 12 12:45 PM

whitedove wrote:
Eh I swear we already have a RADWIMPS thread over here somewhere...

I did check through both this subforum and the Other Artists subforum before I made this, as well as the Artists Thread directory, and I didn't find one.  If there is, it's somehow managed to escape my eyes.  xD

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#4 post_url

Jun 27 12 3:32 AM

Thank you so much for making this thread! Yes indeed, it's been a while, but then RADWIMPS have never been a hurried bunch : P.

If they follow the same pattern they did with Altocolony no Teirii > Zettai Zetsumei, we're getting a single/some singles this summer, some/one early next year and then the album.

Anyway, first the song! Can't wait to hear it ^^

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#5 post_url

Jun 27 12 3:39 AM

nackar wrote:
Thank you so much for making this thread! Yes indeed, it's been a while, but then RADWIMPS have never been a hurried bunch : P.

Not a problem!  It's something I've been meaning to do for a while.  Though I do wish the spoiler tags would behave and work properly.  -_-

I'm really interested to see what the new single will sound like; it's also of note that the third track is an instrumental, which is curious.  And aye, based on the patterns for their previous two albums, that appears to be the track that they're going to follow again, though I suppose that we'll see.

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#8 post_url

Jul 1 12 2:13 PM

I agree, DADA was absolutely epic. Altocolony no Teirii had the equally/more epic Oshakashama... If we can get another song to add to that list this time around I'll be satisfied already!

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#9 post_url

Jul 28 12 2:02 AM

Finally had a chance to hear the new song! After quite a few listens, I have to say that I really like it, particularly in terms of the vocals.

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#10 post_url

Jul 28 12 4:17 AM

I'm loving Sprechchor!

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#17 post_url

Feb 22 13 1:37 PM

We have more information now! The release date has been moved to March 27th and the title is "Dreamer's High"

[CD track list]

01.ドリーマーズ・ハイ(Dreamer's High)
02.シザースタンド(Scissor Stand)

[CD extra track list]
01.Music Document Clip "白と黒と4匹のワルツ(shiro to kuro to yonhiki no waltz)"

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#19 post_url

Feb 28 13 5:45 AM

Great, a new single! I hope they release an album this year, it's been over two years since Zettai Zetsumei : D

Also, has anyone heard the vocalist's solo album, UBU, under the name illion? I absolutely ADORE it... one of the best releases I've heard come from Japan in a while. No clichéd titles, phrases or lyrics, no clichéd melodies or basically, any of the J-Pop clichés you here in so much mainstream Japanese music....

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#20 post_url

Feb 28 13 2:12 PM

^ I intend to listen to UBU as soon as I can, since based on the two promotional tracks, I liked what Noda was doing with it. And yeah, it would be REALLY nice to have an album from RADWIMPS later in the year, since I could use some more of their sound.

Though, query:  Where did you happen to find UBU (or did you buy it)?

Last Edited By: Ryusenkai Feb 28 13 4:12 PM. Edited 1 time.

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