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Oct 25 13 12:46 AM

I'm kind of scared for the 19+ version... I mean allkpop said the pictures will be sexier than the one already posted... and we can basically see most of HyunA here. I hope they don't make her slut it up too much. I'm super excited for the song though!!!

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Oct 25 13 2:06 PM

sora2522 wrote:
Well damn. Is this the first time in K-Pop that there's a special 19+ version of an album??...
No theres been many 19+ versions of various artists' releases, mainly in the Hip-Hop genre but I think G-Dragon might have had a couple of 19+ releases too. But as for Cube and Hyuna I think this marks the first 19+ release that they ever did.

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Oct 26 13 12:29 AM

more teaser pics I love the first one

Couple pic

JS solo

Hyuna solo

oh the minialbum is called Chemistry

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Posts: 2,628 Mohtorboat

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Oct 26 13 1:06 PM

Jaxxia wrote:
the minialbum is called Chemistry

Of which they have none, but okay, CUBE.

Song sounds alright so far.

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Oct 27 13 5:48 PM

I like the song and the MV is fine.

They just aren't believable as a couple. If Hyuna was a boy...

This reminds me of Change era Hyuna~

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Oct 27 13 6:57 PM

The mini itself is much more evenly distributed between the both of them unlike the first one. 

I like the dark drama of the MV, but it's still obvious Hyunseung  is the all the vocals and Hyuna is the all the visuals. Kinda wish they could be more evenly matched.

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Oct 29 13 9:37 AM

I love the new mini wayyyy more than the first one!
I finally had a chance to listen and it's just so cohesive. I love Now, it's catchy yet sophisticated.
I also love how even on Hyunseung's solo song, HyunA is featured lol it will make me actually listen to it more.
HyunA's solo song is a huge stand out for me it's so fierce and dancey I just love it. Does anyone know who produced it? It kind of has that Brave Bros feel to me

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Oct 30 13 2:25 PM



I find it odd that Hyuna rarely looks at JS while JS is just looking at her.

Also another version of the Now MV is coming but sexier.

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Oct 30 13 5:13 PM

SushiBoat wrote:
Are they still playing up the couple concept for Troublemaker?

Troublemaker always seemed like it should be about Hyuna and Hyunseung (her main gay) stirring up drama. Much better concept.
I just want to say that while listening to the song I always think of your made-up concept and laugh out loud every time, its just so true lol 

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Oct 31 13 12:13 AM

It's strange that there's a song called Attention, when Hyuna's already released one Also the beginning dance of the Attention live where JS is dancing is so the same as What's Your Name?'s chorus

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Oct 31 13 1:36 AM

do not like it as much as the first one but its still pretty good. loved the music video!


OMG Attention is so much better <33333

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Nov 6 13 9:53 PM

^ Lmao I'm totally the opposite. Both of their voices sound terrible in "Attention" and it goes nowhere. "Now" has awesome production value and the guy's vocal is pretty sick.

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Nov 12 13 12:34 PM

According to this twit, 4minute is releasing an album in January or at least early next year.

No rest for Hyuna, I guess. She going to be doing double duty with Troublemaker and 4minute performances during the year end events.

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