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Jan 19 17 5:38 AM

Ahaha no worries~ I only brought it up cuz I found out HyunA contributed (and again because of the obvious comparison). But yeah, I didn't see a thread for them so I wasn't sure what to do at first. o wale ^^;

Anyway how about dem 4minutes

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Mar 10 17 7:42 PM

I had the greatest experience in my life at the HyunA concert yesterday in SF! I love how humble she is and then the moment the lights come on and her songs come on she just switches to her sexy persona! It was so amazing! I got meet and greet photo op which meant I was pretty close to her on stage! One of my friends got picked to go on stage for a questionnaire game and won a signed Polaroid of hers (as well as got a selfie with her) they then announced another game and I was chosen by the MC (DID NOT THINK I WOULD BE CHOSEN AT ALL!) and so the game was a dance battle to a snippet of How's This and Bubble Pop. I don't like to be cocky but I pretty much slayed. Some people were doing their own thing while I did the actual dance full on ham mode lol. She was singing but had to stop because she was looking at me stunned (according to people in the audience who said they were looking at her reaction to me). Finally, they lined us all up and she hugged me as the winner. I cried so much and screamed at the top of my lungs. I had no idea how the hell I managed to take a cute selfie with her, but I did and she gave me signed merchandise. Her skin is so incredibly flawless and so damn soft and she is such a sweetheart, I had the best time ever.

I uploaded the videos and photos to my IG, if anyone wanted to see: mitsuhoney (oh, and I always follow back especially since I know half of you for so long lol)

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Mar 10 17 8:37 PM


Such a good pic of you two.

Surprising she had a US concert. Cube better put all their $$$ towards her since she's all their star power now.

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Mar 10 17 10:33 PM

^She had a tour actually. The last page or so should have the details of it.

On her instagram, she's pretty adorable. The whole sexy thing is just an act with her. It's the concept that people want and she does it well.

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Mar 28 17 11:25 PM


We don't know for sure who the guy is, but Hyuna is in it for sure, There are rumors that it's going to a Coed group similar to KARD.

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Apr 4 17 12:09 AM

The new Troublemaker is called TRIPLE H. It will have Hyuna, and PENTAGON's Hui and E-Dawn.

I have no idea who Pentagon is so I don't know who these guys are. I do know that E-Dawn performed
with Hyuna on some Roll Deep performances. Also why Triple H? Only two H names in the group so that's not it.

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Apr 4 17 1:01 AM

Just checked Generasia, E-Dawn's real name is Hyo Jong. So there we go
Also loooool they're coming for Triple T's crown

(This entire release is very #extra >__>)

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Apr 26 17 3:39 PM

I've seen some pics and previews on 4Minute 'Memes' @ faceboook and I'm not liking anything tbh. Let's see how is the full thing. I need more HyunA solos!!! Also, following you on instagram mitsuhoney. You're so lucky *oo*

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Posts: 2,657 Mohtorboat

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May 1 17 12:53 PM

That MV is not fresh. Song's catchy, though. Remove E-Dawn from this equation and I would've taken them as a unit.

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May 1 17 4:49 PM

This sounds awful. I hate that Bruno mars sounds. And HyunA is my actual goddess and I've been obsessed with everything she's ever done... WHY HYUNA WHYYYYYYYYYYYY

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May 1 17 5:59 PM

I don't mind the funk sound, but it is a little too close to Bruno Mars' brand of funk. The video was #toomuch though looool

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