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Jun 19 12 6:28 PM

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Okami is being remastered for the PS3! Under the title "Okami Zekkeiban / Magnificent Edition", this will releast November 1st in Japan for 3990yen.

The game will support PlayStation Move. Aside from that little bit, we're waiting on details on what's new.

PS3's Okami HD remaster will be released on November 1, priced ¥3,990. The first print run of the game will include a serial code for a Play View digital version of a book based off Okami.

Following tonight’s Famitsu leak, Capcom U.S.A. and Capcom Europe have confirmed it will release Okami Superb Version on PlayStation Network in North America as Okami HD this fall for $19.99.

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#1 post_url

Jun 20 12 12:34 AM

crosses fingers this will be HD remastered and not HD filtered like the Resident Evil games...

But now I can finally play this game! Never got it on PS2 but loved the demo. And it dosnt agree with emulators :/ nor do most cell shaded games.

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#3 post_url

Jun 20 12 2:49 PM

my heart skipped a few beats when i read this.
then i realized i spent too much time on this game already.
but it's totally worth revisiting.

the quest system is huge iirc, i couldn't complete some of the skill quests...
I played it on PS2 and PC (emulated, HD, my PC could run it somehow) and the graphics looked nowhere near as good. I think all the hand-drawn elements are remastered. textures and 3D models are probably not.

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