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Jul 14 11 10:44 AM

Love Remember. I want her to comeback soon though

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Aug 20 11 8:27 PM

Hyori looking AMAZING as a femme fatale for ELLE Korea ;

For the September edition of ‘ELLE‘, pop sensation Lee Hyori drew out her elegance and stunning beauty while donning pieces from the collection of world renowned designer, Tom Ford.

The photoshoot featured pieces from Tom Ford’s 2011 F/W collection, and drew much attention even before the issue’s release. Lee Hyori was chosen as the first Korean muse by the famous designer.

A staff member from ‘ELLE’ stated, “Everything that Lee Hyori wore for the shoot were collection samples that were flown in specially from overseas. We focused on capturing Lee Hyori’s mature femininity and stayed away from her usual sexy and bright image.

The star herself commented, “I felt like a femme fatale [while wearing the clothes]. I felt very happy because I discovered a new side to myself that I have never been able to show before.” The photographer reportedly gave high praises to the star for her poses and dark looks for the camera.

The complete photoshoot and interview can be found in the September issue of ‘Elle’.

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Aug 25 11 11:07 AM

New photoshoot "TOPGIRL" on CéCi magazine ! I kinda hope she'll change her hair before coming back because the actual one is meh...

Singer Lee Hyori recently returned with a brand new photoshoot for clothing brand, ‘TOPGIRL‘!

For their new F/W collection, the brand launched a new ‘TOPGIRL’ character named ‘TOPPEY GALLERY‘, who carried a casual yet sexy concept of ‘WIT & UNIQUE’. As the nation’s hottest ‘it girl’, there’s no one better than Hyori to express their new line’s concept.

Despite being asked to do some difficult poses throughout the shoot, Hyori professionally obliged in a confident manner for the three looks she was asked to take on: feminine, ‘toppey gallery’, and chic. She also didn’t forget to congratulate the brand’s new image launch by providing an autographed card.

The best of staff came together for this shoot, including photographer Kim Hyun Sung, stylist Park Se Jun, and make-up artist Hong Sung Hee.

The rest of the cuts can be seen through the September edition of ‘CeCi‘ magazine.

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Aug 27 11 7:18 PM

Anymore news on her comeback? It's nearly September and heard of no news of her comeback yet.

Or is it delayed by some months like the usual Korean comebacks..

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Sep 20 11 7:40 AM

Oh... Okay lol. :| *crying*

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Return Road Episode II

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Sep 20 11 9:05 PM

Well I hope the wait mean there is some good music coming soon cause gurlfriend I don't want any plagiarism

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Sep 22 11 7:07 PM

Stop bein' scurred Hyori. All you gotta do is actually make the effort this time to check that none of your producers aren't Carmen Sandiego-in songs.

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Sep 23 11 3:15 AM

I hope Hyori didn't delay her comeback for this.

Lee Hyori, Seo In Young and Ivy to embark on “Three Queen Project”?

K-Pop divas Lee Hyori, Seo In Young, and Ivy could be coming together for an epic collaboration called the ”Three Queen Project“!

The “Three Queen Project” would see the divas release their albums at the same time. It was originally planned two years ago, but because of Ivy’s issues with her company, it had to be postponed. However, on September 21st, she won her lawsuit against STOM E&F, thus removing the obstacle preventing the “Three Queen Project” to launch.

One related source said, “Ivy could not promote because of her problems with the company. However, now that it’s been resolved, the project has been brought up again and has a high potential to develop. I heard Ivy is slowly preparing her comeback. We will be able to see the light this time.”

Two years ago, CJ E&M pitched this idea where the singers’ three albums would be released one-by-one, but during the same time period. A representative from CJ E&M said, “The album concept then was to have them sing separately, not together. That way, they don’t feel too pressured. They will probably have the same concept this time around as well. It is all currently under discussion.”

They continued, “Seo In Young’s next album will be released via CJ E&M. There won’t be too much trouble doing this project. If the songs are good and the project is set up nicely, Lee Hyori and Ivy will most likely agree to take up the project.”

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Sep 23 11 9:59 AM

So for the Three Queens Project they won't be collaborating and they won't release their albums at the same time but only in the same period? Wow, what an interesting project. NOT.

Ivy and Seo In Young are just shitting their pants because when Hyori releases an album, you know it'll dominate the charts. God, the woman could just fart in a mic for 3 minutes and it would hit the number 1 spot on all the charts.

But I'm looking forward to the upcoming releases of all 3 of them. I just think it's stupid to announce something that is nothing. But that's Korea for you, I guess.

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Sep 23 11 10:03 AM

^ The interesting thing is that these releases will be connected by the same concept... If I understood that well.
It'll be interesting to see how each artist will pull off the same concept.

But you're right concerning the charts lol. Cfe360fd6c85b4ff44bd8c20945cc1911023de3c_r

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Feb 9 12 5:21 PM

Negi wrote:
Seriously, where's my girl at ? I need some Bang Bang.
Do we have news ?

Off topic but... Welcome back Negi!smiley: happy

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