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Jul 20 12 6:04 PM

So the livestream was yesterday, and I forgot it happened, but another forum member at the Fatal Frame forum I went to recapped it:

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Jul 28 12 10:03 PM

The album leaked! Usual places. DOWNLOADINGG


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Jul 31 12 10:52 AM

22 - ● 天の樹 4,694 4,694 12/7/25 DWA

Highest charting position ever! It's also her best week for sales since Catalog in 2006.

For comparison:

6,730->13,460 2002 Sharon   #33
6,555->12,298 2004 Tenryuu    #31
6,027->10,823 2005 Moon Child    #46
5,892->10,198 2002 Meg Lion    #48
5,434->8,381 2006 Catalog    #24
4,694->??? 2012 Sora no Ki    #22
2,762->4,414 2008 Zero    #57
2,107->2,107 2004 Winona    #109
929->929 2011 Decade    #115
691->691 2011 Shinju    #138
680->680 2010 Licht    #190

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Jul 31 12 8:19 PM

Great to hear! I was wondering how this new album would do, with the new Fatal Frame tie-in and Kanon collab (that and being her first album in a long while). Hope she keeps doing well

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Dec 6 12 11:44 AM

Hey did anyone know about her ballad album "Shizuka no Umi"? I just came across it and my face went O_o So late. ~_~


1. Camellia (カメリア)
2. Fuusen (風船; Balloon)
3. Tsuki (月; Moon)
4. Yogoreta Inu (汚れた犬; Dirty Dog)
5. Hisui (翡翠; Jade)
6. Satoumizu (砂糖水; Sugar Water)
7. Itodenwa (糸電話; Phone Thread)
8. Wadachi (轍; Rut)
9. Shinju (真珠; Pearl)
10. Shizuka no Umi (静かの海; Peaceful Sea)
11. Clematis (クレマチス)

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Dec 10 12 1:22 AM


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Dec 10 12 4:20 AM

sora2522 wrote:

Errrr what?  Shizuka no Umi is already out...and besides one new track, I don't see much to it (unless ur a completionist).

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Aug 5 13 10:03 AM


New album! Not...entirely sure what it is though, compared to the rest of her discography

Scheduled for release on 25/9, preorders open on 29/7.

Limited edition: 2CD (w/ live CD); 2,000 copies, ¥3900
Normal edition: 1CD, ¥3000

The live CD includes a recording of portions of the AMN Request Hour live show she did recently. The live CD version is only available at live shows, though. Songs on it are:

1. Kurenai
2. Hone
3. Misty
4. Gin Neko
5. Bodaiju
6. Niwaka Ame
7. Noise
8. 1/2 A Half
9. Fukuro
10. Koe

Since Sora no Ki had a "high up" image, this one has a more down to earth, closer to the ground concept.

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Sep 19 14 5:58 AM

God, been too long since this thread's been updated...

Latest release is a mini-album due October 1st, called Gomokunarabe. But, more importantly, with the release of Fatal Frame 5 comes a new theme song for the franchise called Torikago -in this cage- (which will be on said mini-album)

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Aug 19 16 5:29 AM

Ugh, I was probably 10 years late, I just realized there's a thread about her here...

A little backstory, around 2009-2010 I was looking for female japanese singer-songwriter with rock genre, and Zero no Chouritsu blown me away, thanks to Fatal Frame. Soon after that, I look into her discography and I like her stuff, she's a great lyricist. I was confused about her 'change' in name, and rarely heard about her anymore. It's 2016 now I just found out she's still releasing stuff under a new name and I feel like buying some stuff, but it's hard to find

...and there's a song that I love so much from her, it's called "Kakan" from A MOON CHILD IN THE SKY, IT'S A DAMN AMAZING SONG tbh.

According to generasia page, her latest release is a single called BLACK BEAUTY back in November 2015, and no more after that. Anyone?

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