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Mar 28 17 12:41 AM

Shake that Brass sold 100k. Physically she sold 15K. That is not bad. That's not number 1, but that's certainly not a flop.
Let me put this into perspective. That's more than Ailee, Ga In, and Hyuna have sold in any one release.
Vocal work doesn't matter. Luna is a great singer and did worse than Amber, unfortunately(10k). Henry did better than both of them.
He sold more in his second release and he recently complained about the same issue.

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Mar 28 17 2:41 AM

Tbh, the way that Amber's promo went for her singles made it feel like there was supposed to be a full-on mini-album at the end. We had Border, Crossing, and Need To Feel Needed. I was honestly expecting a few more songs to make it a proper release, rather than just singles. Plus, she works hard. It's not just like she's whining to get attention. It definitely seems like they're just neglecting her (and we all know what happens when that happens...)

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Mar 28 17 8:42 PM

Oh yeah, I defnitely agree that vocal work doesn't matter or else our precious Luna would've dominated the charts. Well I take back what I said if Shake that Brass was a success because I really thought it didn't do well around that time. I'm quite sure that was what was said from f(x) fans. But eh, my memory might be off. I'm surprised that she did better than Hyuna though!

It's true that more could always be done for Amber and Henry (and everyone else who is being neglected). And I am not putting aside that Amber works really hard and wants control over what she does - that's great especially under an idol company like SM which micromanages almost every single step. But I really don't think it's a great idea to talk about such issues publicly like this, I can't see anything great coming out from it so why even bother since she's still under contract with them. That's mostly what inspired my previous comment.

Don't get me wrong though, I like Amber since she managed to stay who she is in this industry - which is not an easy feat at all. She's definitely unique in the world of KPop which is why she's so precious. However, I still find her decent at best but I know talent isn't everything, there are other factors which contribute to one's success.

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