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Apr 24 11 12:19 PM

110424 - Inkigayo Jeju Island Special

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Apr 27 11 5:25 AM

I didn't care much for "Pinocchio (Danger)" at first, but it's slowly crept on me, and now I love it! I'll definitely buy the repackage in (I'm guessing) June haha.

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Apr 27 11 4:56 PM

The album is a dissapointment to me, but at the same time is not bad, not great either. There are good tracks like Dangerous or Beautiful Goodbye

I liked 'Gangsta Boy' since the first listen.

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Apr 27 11 6:40 PM

Oricon wrote:
Only song that stood out in the album is Lollipop Feat. SHINee for me because it's hooky..

yeah, and it's not nearly as good as the original.

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Apr 28 11 7:14 PM

Today's Performance

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Apr 29 11 6:35 AM

They won! First ever win too!

lol They looked stunned. Hyuna was firing up her OMG WE WON pageant look.

Last Edited By: Jaxxia Apr 29 11 6:39 AM. Edited 1 time.

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Apr 29 11 6:55 AM

This is from Allkpop, yeah really. And it makes sense, surprisingly.

[Review] ‘Pinocchio’ by f(x)

It has almost become a custom for SM Entertainment’s releases, be it a singles, mini, or full length album, to spare any semblance of cohesion from one song to the next. From TVXQ down to f(x), there has been at least one instance in their musical career where any one of their released albums made little to no sense as a collective. Even more confusing is that the idols who are slammed with a cluster of nonsensical songs are those with a very obscure direction in music, and that has been the case with f(x).

On straight musical terms, f(x) lack a true sense of identity as a girl group in K-pop. The songs they have released are of course theirs because the name “f(x)” is attached to them, but smear that off and these songs could fall in the hands of practically any other Korean girl group; SNSD, their label mates, could easily take any of f(x)’s songs and call them their own because both girl groups seem to have overlapping styles.

The only glaring difference is f(x)’s Amber, the residential tomboy in K-pop. Alas, her role would be overwhelmingly strong had she a more vital role in f(x), musically.

“Pinocchio” opens with “Danger,” the lead single. The pseudo-edgy song is a drilling, continuous spiral of very staccato verses and melodies. You can hear that it wants to get stuck in your head, but it almost defeats the purpose by reducing itself to too simple of a hook.  If you can recall the very first time you listened to this song, and if, perhaps, it crossed your mind that it sounded a little plain – well, there’s a reason why that is: ”Danger” is plain in every way, shape, and form of the word.

The obvious reason is because f(x) are singing just about the same note through the entire song.

No, really.

This song is so simple that a child could learn to play it on a piano in about one minute. It’s that mundane down to the instrumental, and the perfect description for “Danger” would be one-note.

A fantastic rap break would have lifted some of the redundancy, but Amber doesn’t get more than one line in before the nail and hammer return for the finish.

As previously mentioned, this album wouldn’t be an SM spawn had the lead single been followed by something vastly different. “Sweet Witches” swoops in after three minutes of 4/4 counts to recall the same bubbly details that were sprinkled in f(x)’s “NU ABO” mini album. They felt weird then and they feel weird now.

I say this because f(x) could actually work off of the urban-pop style they occasionally go for (and make it work), but they keep being whisked away to la la-land instead, and it’s simply unnatural and unconvincing when it happens. This is their third physical release and f(x) are still performing trial and errors with every style in the book (Sweet Witches).

As the title describes, “Sweet Witches” is somewhat mysterious and mystifying with a thick coat of sugary voices. It’s a very upbeat tune, and just when the broken record seems to be forever stuck on the chorus – “binggeureu binggeureu binggeul binggeul binggeureu binggeureu” – f(x) drop their lollipops and witch’s brew and follow it up with “Dangerous,” a cartoon-ish song that refers to cheesy ’secret agent’ noises for added effect and interest.

Like in the previous song, f(x) are forcefully squeezing an unnerving amount of infant-squeals to transition from one part of a verse to the next. Fine, but the believability will keep getting lost as the “aegyo” is inserted in songs that don’t necessarily call for it, and this is one of them (Dangerous).

Trailing behind “Dangerous” is “Beautiful Goodbye.” This song is one of two ballads on the entire album, and we finally get a glimpse of f(x)’s vocal prowess. “Beautiful Goodbye” is calming, simple, and basically the typical fairytale SM ballad; nothing mind-blowing, but this is a good spot to point out that the members of f(x) aren’t bad singers. At all.

SM does a good job of picking out voices that will work well together as a unit, and f(x)’s definitely do. Every member has that smooth and versatile color that works well in commercial music – put them all together and you get this one clean voice ready to be shipped and sold to the masses.

As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and even if the pudding is a vacant slow song like this one, all five ladies managed to sing it well; down to Amber, who usually doesn’t get more than a word in of rap, let alone any singing, but here she’s clearly testing the waters out just like Minho of SHINee circa “Lucifer” 2010 (Beautiful Goodbye).

Gangsta Boy” is the fifth song on the album, and from the title alone you’d think this was the next industrial single, or at least something that resembled the style of “Mr. Boogie,” but the truth couldn’t be more far off.

“Gangsta Boy” is the most agitating song on the album, in my opinion. There is no substance whatsoever. It doesn’t relate with the lead single and it feels like a complete blind item within an already numbing collection of songs. There isn’t a single saving grace in this tropical-meets-psychiatric-ward-meets-a-holiday-vacation-tune from outer space, and it pains me to even go that far to describe this song because didn’t we just finish saying f(x) have talent?

As the album dwells past the half way point, we’re welcomed by “Love,” a sign that maybe there is in fact some loose strands in this album that make sense with one another; “Sweet Witches”, meet your match.

“Love” is novelty at its best. It sounds freakishly similar to something that would have been found on the “Wizards of Waverly Place” soundtrack, with its cheeky “na-na, na, na, na-na” and quirky nuances. It doesn’t have much of anything else going for it, mainly because the form and overall structure is absolutely vapid. There’s no direction; it feels like we’re walking in a giant circle, and sorry to say, that’s been the case with just about every song so far (and every one henceforth).

Stand Up!” is in the same vein as “Love”, except this is showcasing the prettiness of f(x). We’ve seen pretty, cute, extra-cute, semi-dark, semi-serious – what’s next? (Love, Stand Up!)

My Style” follows soon after, throwing all convention (and cohesion) into the wind. f(x) find themselves chanting in this march as horns chime in and a decent beat gives this album a well needed dose of pace, and it’s the one time f(x) convince in their delivery. There’s a tiny piece of f(x) from the past in “My Style”, and for the first time they’re not relying 100% on gimmicks or corny themes to sell a song. It’s really a shame because it took eight songs for it to happen, and it’s still just a decent effort (My Style).

Rounding out the ballads is “So Into U“, and if you manage to get this far into the album, you’ll find that this song isn’t that bad. Personally, I despise obvious key changes, especially the kind used in a lazy effort to hit a climax in a pop song, and my heart is hurting right now because they’re all over this album. Having said that, this is one of the better songs on “Pinocchio”.

Luna sounds great, as always, and I refrained from pointing that out earlier because her main role is to belt out a high note just to belt out a high note. That’s just what SM decided to do with her, which is a shame since she has a beautiful voice. As does Amber, who gets her rightful moment in this song to let the world know that she can actually hold a note in tune.

The final song on this album is “Lollipop,” which is a Korean remake of f(x)’s previous endeavor with MIC (Chinese group). For this re-issue, f(x) have employed the help of label mates SHINee, the group that these ladies are supposedly modeled after.

This collaboration sounds rather promising, but as the song unfolded, so did my hopes for an epic duet.

The vocal treatment on everyone involved in this song is cringe-worthy. They say less is more, and in this case, f(x)’s producers could have taken note from a certain other Lollipop song-on-song progression, because this version is hectic and unbearably one-dimensional. The mix seems off too, as I’ve noticed on other songs on this album, because several members from both idol groups get buried and lost among everything going on (Lollipop).


In general, I have yet to understand who f(x) are as artists. If their “NU ABO” mini album had me confused last year, this album just about inked a giant question mark on my forehead. Sure, some of their songs have been alright to some, but when it comes to piecing together an album of this magnitude, it all has to make sense. That’s just how it works. And unless f(x) were going for a hefty mix-tape, this album failed to get any kind of message across.

There’s simply no identity to f(x)’s music, and where there’s no identity, there is no life, and that’s exactly (not to mention ironic) how “Pinocchio” reads: lifeless as a doll.

There is no proper foundation to develop something magical in f(x) as idols, at least not when their music fails to define them in this hyper-competitive music industry. And at this point, not even having wonderful singers with great voices can save their credibility as superstars.

Overall, “Pinocchio” is cheesy, redundant, an ear sore, and absolutely, 100% frivolous through and through.

Overall Rating: 2.1/5

this is how I feel about this album as well.

Last Edited By: noyou Apr 29 11 2:32 PM. Edited 3 times.

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Apr 29 11 10:58 AM

Jaxxia wrote:
They won! First ever win too!

lol They looked stunned. Hyuna was firing up her OMG WE WON pageant look.

Wow they've never won during the NU ABO era? Well congrats to them

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Apr 29 11 1:39 PM

^^ I almost feel the same about the album, but doesn't it happen with many SM albums? I could say almost the same about "Oh!" by SNSD or "Lucifer" by SHINee tbh...

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Apr 29 11 10:17 PM

^ K-pop albums in general are weak.

 I'm glad Allkpop were actually able to capably criticise something for once (even though they still were relcutant to score it under 2 stars). The album on the whole is pretty bad, even by general K-pop standards, but the great thing about Danger is it really isn't trying too hard at all. I have a bad feeling it's only because it's an SM act, since Allkpop writers tend to be hideously up YG and JYP's asses, but that's neither here not there.

I'm glad they finally won something. I do wish SM would let their stylist stick to Shinee exclusively though, then maybe f(x) would finally get a concept that works on the whole.

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Apr 30 11 10:54 AM

LeeLeeNeko wrote:
^ No way ! "Lucifer" was better, I didn't like all the tracks but still. Cfe360fd6c85b4ff44bd8c20945cc1911023de3c_r

THIS, probably 'Lucifer' and 'Keep Your Head Down' are the two strongest that SM have released in the past months

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May 1 11 7:28 PM

Seriously loving Pinocchio (Danger), it's hella catchy. the sample in the chorus kinda reminds me of Britney's Toxic.

And congrats to them on their Music Bank win this past week. I really enjoyed their performance.

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#60 post_url

May 8 11 4:25 AM

Wow F(x) just took home their third award this week on Inkigayo.

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