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Sep 12 16 5:32 PM

First original Japanese song right? I don't remember them having a song called "COWBOY". I'm guessing they're releasing this because they added another Docking Station concert around that time.

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Sep 12 16 5:54 PM

Yeah, unless they're rereleasing one of their older songs with a new name, COWBOY should be new. I'm not surprised they're releasing 4 Walls Japanese, since they did perform it already, but I am kinda surprised they're still doing a J-Pop career to begin with. Oh well, more stuff from them at least!

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Sep 26 16 2:07 AM

Those are....some covers......
The b/w one is definitely the better one, but the styling isn't as near perfect as it could've been. The COWBOY cover is total SM hipster trash

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Oct 3 16 11:45 PM

Was the COWBOY preview instrumental only? I was hoping to hear the vocals / melody. But I like that disco funk they got going for it; pairs well with 4 Walls

Also as much as I'm living for Amber and Luna getting so much spotlight, has SM really run out of artists to do the STATION project with? Lolol
The song isn't my favourite though tbh. It's not bad, but after Wave, Free Somebody, and Amber's projects, it kinda lacked the oomph I was expecting

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Nov 9 16 6:40 PM

COWBOY is a certified bop!!! Definitely not what I was expecting

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Nov 10 16 7:47 AM

That new song reminds me of their first full album and their style there was just NO. Hopefully they won't keep it for their next Korean comeback.

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Feb 16 17 10:25 AM

me @ the MV intro: so SM finally let her out of the cage after 4 Walls
No but seriously, the song and video are #alot #somuch #butalsoeverything. Right on Krystal's alley. I really dig it tbh. Even though SM's kind of slacking with the group releases (at least with the older crowd), I'm glad to see they're allowing each individual member to work on other stuff and shine a bit more

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Mar 14 17 6:19 PM

Amber just posted this earlier today. No one knows what it means...

Supposedly Luna replied to the comment too, saying "Koala let's cheer up. You know I love you, right? We're going to do well ♥", but sill no concrete explanation for either comment...

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Mar 27 17 7:58 PM

She must be talking about her solo work right? Anyways, it's not like she was never given a chance. First one in her group to have a solo debut, many STATION tracks last year and it's not like she's completely under the radar. She simply doesn't sell and is really not good enough for them to invest more in her. She's a decent sub-vocalist, that's all.

I'm being harsh but complaining like that isn't that much better.

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